Job Endangerment


Lisa Skonetski


[date is cut off]

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Lisa Skonetski

Job Endangerment

PSS (Basic Courses)

The BIS has been downtrending for 2 weeks.

Upon inspection the attached list of people were found as missing.

A total of 46 - out of which at least 31 have not shown up in over 2 weeks.

This endangers my job as public are not being called or gotten onto service. This is pathetic and attention needs to be slammed in fast on it.

This is not the way we are going to make it to Old St. Hill.

L. Skonetski

FSO 01418


Basic Courses

[note: the left edge was cut off, so the first letter of some names may be wrong]

Danny Beatty

Perry Cannon

Juan Flores

Dee Fiallo

Eddie Hogan

Debra Jackson

Gary Wood

David Adams

Paula Houston

Juan Franz

Dorothy Helen

Jacques Louvere

Matt Relzel

David Allen

Judith Bianchi

John Bianchi Sr.

Casi Camness

Jim Clark

Tommy Cavanas

Pete Cunningham

Nidal Dalal

Mary Davis

Annette Eveleigh

Judy Estes

Charles Garcia

Natalie Gillespie

Jean Pierre Gevens

Gina Holaman

Paul Hague

Michelle Jones

Greg Koltes

Rick Kazaman

Janet Lett

Dee Mueller

Becky MacDougal

Scott Morse

Mike Ohl

Janet Ohl

FSO 01420

Tracy Patterson

[cut off] Rewinkle

Julia Roark

Casey Sampson

[cut off] Taher

Mike Turner

[cut off] Weinberg

Max Weinberg

FSO 01422