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I'm Kristi Wachter. I created this site to preserve the work of the many dedicated people who volunteered hours of their time to transcribing and proofreading the documents collected by the Clearwater Police Department in their investigation into the death of Lisa McPherson during her final days in the custody of the Church of Scientology in Clearwater, Florida.

When the evidence became available to the public, several hard-working people made time to read it, analyze it, and make the information available on the web. Much of it was hosted at my first Scientology-related site, However, the evidence was scattered across a number of sites, with different formats, and it was difficult to get an overview or find a specific piece of information. My goal was to make all of it available in one place.

The original site memorializing Lisa,, and the later official site of the civil suit,, remain valuable and important sites - in particular, the former has a number of news reports and analyses that are not included here because they were not part of the police department's file.

I have created a number of sites as a result of my ongoing interest in Scientology, Scientologists, and the many reform movements and splinter groups that have sprung up since the early days of Dianetics.

  • Scientology Lies was my first Scientology-related site. It documents Scientology's criminal and unethical acts and some of its many lies.
  • Truth About Scientology, a followup to Scientology Lies, is intended more for active or questioning Scientologists than the general public. It documents alterations to the Scientology scriptures (the "tech"), analyzes statistics based on Scientology's own publications, and reports outpoints that other Scientologists have found.
  • The Compleat Aberree presents the full text of a newsletter published from 1954 - 1965 by a couple who were involved with Dianetics in the very early days. With humor and skepticism, it reports on - and skewers - Dianetics, Scientology, several of the offshoots and schisms, and a variety of 50s and 60s phenomena, from flying saucers to quitting smoking.

I welcome feedback from visitors to any of my sites - although I am usually extremely slow to reply, due to the amount of mail I get. You are welcome to write to me at

I thank you for taking the time to visit the Lisa McPherson Files site.

Kristi Wachter

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