Ethics Report


Lisa Skonetski

Date:August 26, 1982

4:40 pm

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Lisa McPherson

Lisa just called me & said she wasn't coming in to class tonight because she was writing to LRH, & said she wouldn't be in again until she heard back from him, & she wasn't joining staff.

I tried to get more from her but she just TR3'd that she didn't want to talk abt it until she'd heard from Ron & then she wanted to only talk to me. She was real insistant.

I commented on how evidently she was upset, & that she could handle it her own way (since she said how she didn't want help with it) but that I needed informat-

FSO 2473

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tion so if the org needed correction in any way I could do it. (I wanted her to look at the help she could give me & get her in on that flow.)

So she said she'd call me back - she seemed a little lighter.

Jim Woeltjen

FSO 2427