Ethics Report


James Woeltzen

Date:June 7, 1982


Then Lisa called me, said she'd just talked to Don & that she was coming
by tonight herself for a refund. I told her that if she did she'd be
ineligible for further courses, & her reply indicated to me that she
hadn't much reach for Scn anyway. Like "well that's the way it will have
to be" ... She said she wanted to keep Don out of the picture (for the
stated purpose of keeping him off our lines so we won't be bothered but
the way she has acted so far here it looks to me like she wants to
attack Don & not take resp for it - that she wants Scn to take the blame

FSO 2539


for her. Very 1.1.

Also she started attacking me for not wanting to give her a refund -
like here was this hostility that she'd never shown before.

I believe that all along she has had other intentions than she stated
for doing Scn. She "wanted to handle her marriage" but it's been worse
since she's been in Scn - although we were getting some glowing reports
from her.

I talked to Don for quite awhile & got him cooled off on Scn by pointing
out what she was doing. (She was also a 3P

FSO 2541


in Don's continual conflict with Lisa's mother, evidently. ) I let him ?
that she was not eligible for training here & that she would be

Don's still hot on her receiving the refund since now that she moved out
on him, she can't afford her payments & she's asking him for $ to keep
up her car payment.

Lisa is type A & C, as her husband has threatened to do a/g to smear
Scn, including going to the press, the BBB, & lawsuit.

FSO 2543



Not as smooth as anticipated - already contacted judge -

Will get refund & get divorce & get back in Scn later.

Contacted Judge Moore - supposedly got 5 lawsuits in his office against
Scn now.

Contacted Dr. Jacobs, -

FSO 2545