Dev-T Off-Line


Theresa Dolaway

Date:October 5, 1990

Ethics <--                       5 Oct 90
ED                               cc: L McPherson
                                 cc: FDF/CCDAL

                Lisa McPherson

     Last night Lisa came into my office with Sandi Sampson, a student
on lines and friend of hers. Lisa started to go into something that was
apparently mishandled concerning the [???] paid to this org by CCINT on
her freeloader debt. I cut Lisa off on this as it was off-line and I
already knew that she had gotten with both the Div 2 Reg and the Treas
Sec on the same matter before coming to my office. I also told her that
her reference was PL FIELD AUDITOR'S BECOME STAFF. When I cut her off,
she got HE&Ry and basically making a scene as if she were a wog and
didn't know any better. Lisa was once on staff both here and in the SO
and had done her Staff Status II.
     In later getting with both the reg and the Treas Sec, I found that
they had both referred Lisa to the same policy and her basically told
her the same thing I did. She ignored this and came to my office anyway.
I am curious as to why Lisa was the one on the line in the first place,
since she was the one the commission was paid on, not to. If anyone, it
should have been Sandi on the line, not Lisa, per the same reference.

                           This is true,

                           Theresa Dolaway
                           ED CCDALLAS

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