Coleen Neary


    Lisa McPherson
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    AOLA Public


Lisa is highly commended for her great contributions insuring the public
event, a Tone Scale Seminar with Mark Shreffler, was a great success.

Lisa was in charge of scoring the OCA tests of public and Scientologists
that scheduled appointments to see Mark. She ran back and forth making
sure every person received great service.

Lisa had set up and handled the registration of sixty two people the
evening of the event. She supervised three people at the front end of
this event and we started promptly at 7:00 thanks to her efficient
handling. Thank you for your cheerful and can do attitude. She also did
call-in and sold tickets.

Much appreciation, Lisa!

Much love,

Coleen Neary
Event I/C
OT Committee Public Secretary

FSO 01232