Knowledge Report


Lisa Skonetski

Date:February 23, 1988

23 Feb 88


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Lisa Skonetski

Says she's PTS to Gene & finance scene. 40K in debts for her auditing over past 3 yrs. She made 70K in 1986. She sees this as an out-point. Agreement on 2D is that Gene has the final word on e/g. She agreed to this also but now sees how this is a PTS set-up. Agreement is that split-up is not ever an option. Yet he feels if they did ever split he'd easily be able to find another. She doesn't feel she could. He did have 2D sits w/ FBO in L.A. & Janice from FLAG. N/g done w/ it just 2D ints & him not discouraging it. Lisa now wants to come on full-full time. They discussed this past weekend. He opposed it saying not possible - how wld bills be paid. She feels purpose would do it. Also that his necessity level will never come up as he always has $ cuz she works. But she's not playing that game. She's not making enough now deliberately.

FSO 01528

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When Gene came back from L.A. in Dec. She told him she was doing this for the stated reason that she wants to come on full time & the org to make $.

She feels out of control cuz he can go create a new 2D & she can't. If she ever tries to control him, it just goes on until she gives in. Also now she can't cuz the 6A crashes & so she can't let it go on. She feels he's separated from the org & that no one can control him.

So now she's avoiding him somewhat. She told him at dinner she felt PTS to him. No response.

Lisa quit working for Rick Hull. Wasn't making enough. Felt CI on him because of her needed schedule here. So now she'll be working part-time for Kay. The $ she makes will cover about 1/2 of the bills.

Last month Gene borrowed 2K from family

FSO 01530

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This is now paid back out of commissions from her previous job which came in.

Lisa wants this data to go up lines as she feels whatever he went out to get handled in December isn't handled.

With regards to money sit this month Gene commented to her he could make $ fixing a public's air conditioner on his car.

She's told him that before he can buy more clothes he needs to make some $.

She (Lisa) feels she can't handle it alone. Feels very much the effect of it. Feels the outcome if she holds her guns on this is that they'd split up & she's not willing to do this.

She now feels she can get in comm w/ him & be more at cause that way. I see a potential marriage handling possibly needed but wait until she comms w/ him.

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