Re: attached KR


Katie Chamberlain

Date:May 1, 1986

--> Public EO                        5-1-86
<-- A/PCD           Please get w/ Barbara Drews about
                      withdrawing this.
                     --> TO FILE

                     Lisa Skonetski

Re: Attached KR

I'd like it removed please. I do not see sufficient facts that warrant
such a report to be filed.

My last comm cycle w/ Barbara (about 4 months or so ago) I asked her to
go and speak with David about the matter to determine exactly WHAT the
reasons were for her termination. I was not involved in the decision
therefore I didn't know ALL the details. I knew if she had done this,
there would be no reason for this report as it could easily be cleared
up w/ David.


FSO 02063