Report to D of P


Temp EO, AMC

Date:November 18, 1995


[illegible] D of P
Temp EO - AMC

On 11/14 she wrote O/W's. I questioned a few & marked them as the overt wasn't clear & she nattered in one about Bennetta. So I wrote up the note from 11/14/95. She brought me this last packet on 11/15/95 @ 8:30 am. She & 3 other reps were scheduled to leave for Orlando at 11 AM.

I went over with Lisa again to ensure she was taking plenty of B1 (at least 500mg a day), Vitamin A & a multi vitamin). I asked her about taking Cal Mag also. I told her to be sure & call me if she needed anything. I also told Brenda to ensure Lisa got plenty of rest.

Lisa was very uptone & bright & we had spoken on 11/14 about her not writing O/W's while she was gone but to wait until she returned and we'd go over what her next step on the program was.

I felt she had EP'd the O/W writing (possibly) but wanted to ensure she felt the same.


FSO 00537