Lisa Skonetski

Date:August 28, 1987

asked her if she'd writtein it up and she said no. This is blatant C1 on
my lines - I feel it, I know it, I'm not sure exactly how to completely
handle it. I will write my OW's on it but I wanted this to be known.

Lisa Skonetski


FSO 2628

    Lisa McPherson
--> Ethics File, CC Dallas
    ______________________                 Oct 20, 1992
    Carol South
      Co-Chair, Dianetics Lecture Event
      for the Dallas OT Committee

                         Lisa McPherson

Lisa is highly commended for her support and efforts relating to the
Dallas OT Committee's free public Dianetics lecture on September 19,

Lisa acted as Reservations I/C for the event and as a result the
Division 6 stats at Celebrity Centre Dallas have gone into Affluence for
several weeks.

Thank you for a job well done!

Carol South