Knowledge Report response


Lisa McPherson

Date:November 11, 1983

11 Nov 83

In regards to the Knowledge Report submitted by Rick Benson 24 Oct 83 RE: Lisa McPherson - Lorre Staretz (Seymour)

If I had not given Rick precise data (which I did not) I feel the data submitted should be considered useless. Lorre did have an ARC X with more than one staff member. These matters have since been settled and handled.

In reference to not turning in Knowledge Reports on Lorre, I advised her personally that if I knew of any out ethics situation going on with her I would report her to ethics. Her main item was that I not write up anything having to do with her consider
ations on different matters and that she needed to feel I am a safe terminal. I told her fine, I don't feel ethics handles all matters nor would be interested in all considerations primarily 2D ones. However, if upon talking I see that she could use help
from the E.O. I would act accordingly. She was OK on this.

I am a KSW completion.

This is true

Lisa McPherson

FSO 2362