Knowledge Report


James Woeltzen

Date:June 8, 1982


Don said he'd go w/ Lisa telling him that she wanted to do Scn & sign
divorce papers releasing him & he'd put ad in paper saying he wasn't
resp for her loan.

FSO 2615


                  Lisa Boss

Ch 4 called Lisa at work - consumer report that family had trouble w/
Scn. Ch 4 said sounded like a marital prob - Lisa said "that's right!"

Lisa called Ch 4 back & asked if she cld help - said _she_ didn't have a
problem - Ch 4 asked "you give Scn $3000 for which you didn't receive
services?" Lisa said not true at all - "How far you going carry this?"
Ch 4 said have to follow up all consumer reports.

FSO 2617



Lot things hap & I'm cause of it. Husband told Lisa that Jim told him

My int w/ Scn was to get away from Don. That if Scn cld get me away from
Don it wld be worth it. Like putting a fire on a bomb & sitting back &
watching it. Lied to e/b. Lied to me?

Just being wishy washing - not deciding.

FSO 2619