Commendation Chit


Hildegard Jessup

Date:December 8, 1991

Copy to:
 Ethics Officer
 Distribution List Below      8 December 1991


  On the weekend before Thanksgiving, a large yard sale
was held to benefit two children's charities, Bryan's
House, a home for children born with AIDS and the Texas
Scottish Rite Hospital for Children which provides free
medical care for children with major disabilities. In
addition to providing these charities with much needed
funds, this sale helps to safe-point the Church of
  The following people donated items to be sold at this
event and contributed their time to make this event a
success. They did call-out prior to the event to get people
to contribute their unwanted items, helped to set up the
event by sorting and price-tagging the merchandise, and/or
worked during the event itself. Over $3200.00 was raised!
Thank you very much!

      Fritz Alders            Steve Hackley
      Ann Laws                Dan Levine
      Rhonda Jordan           Larry Geiss
      Kay Spruill             Leah Haywood
      David Haywood           Ted Hanson
      Jackie Hanson           Norman Ralston
      Helen Ralston           Kay Proctor
      Carol South             Sherry Randall
      Ruth Reed               Byrd Jessup
      Hildegard Jessup        Shirley Eckols
      Lauren Moseley          Stuart Cameron
      Zoya Cameron            Lynn Hauptmann
      Faith Cass              Steve Trower
      Gary Norris             Brian Jordan
      Brandi Levine           Lisa McPherson

        This is true.
        Hildegard Jessup

FSO 01225