2D Doubt Formula


Lisa McPherson



Lisa McPherson

1. The actual intentions and activities of that group are

  • to be involved in a relationship that aligns with the other dynamics.
  • the activities are those that help the other dynamics.
  • it would be a monogamous group.
  • it would desire a long term relationship and not be just a fling.
  • the intentions would be to keep ethics in on the 2D and help the partner get or keep ethics in.
  • make decisions within the activity which align with other dynamics and not just one.
  • the intentions would be to create happiness and a safe environment to allow spritual freedom.
  • discipline is exercised and care is taken to ensure the right decisions are made and things are thought out and not just acted upon by impulse or because of a dramatization.
  • to give and receive pleasure

2. Examine the stats

  • marriages that last.
  • couples who are leading happy lives and who have their dynamics aligned which are producing products.
  • upstats on other dynamics as a result of having a supportive 2D.
  • lots of pleasure, both physically and spiritually as a result of being together.
  • zero enturbulation on the lines

3. Decide on the basis of "the greatest good ... it should definitely be

4. Evaluate oneself or one's own group, project or organization as to intentions and objectives.

  • the intentions are to have sexual pleasure at the expense of my other dynamics.
  • to get my own way and ignore anything that gets in my way.
  • to experience some kind of effect from another terminal that is not based on anything except immediate desires
  • to be an effect of some kind.
  • the objectives take nothing into consideration regarding other dynamics or responsibilities

This group destroys my create on my 1st dynamic because I go great guns to do things for my partner and stop doing the things I do, things I like to do! I put aside my plans, dreams, admin scale.

I don't create as I can on the job becuz I get all consumed in what the effects are of the relationship and I spend my time worrying abt whether or not he's thinking about me or what we are going to do the next time we're together or problems we have or things I can't figure out and my ethics go out on my job and what I'm supposed to be doing there.

I don't spend any time with my friends and spend my every waking moment with my 2D

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so I cut my comm lines.

The intentions are to hide out and do the secret 2D which I know is destructive and experience all the sensations I can experience while my other dynamics crash around me.

5. Evaluate one's own or one's group... stats.

Every single time I have ventured off into a 2D in this group it has led to unhappiness, downstats at work, lower conditions on my first dynamic, friends who are upset because I refuse to take responsibility for what I'm doing and they can see it. Not to mention, terminals I've connected with who are upset because I make an agreement to have a 2D with them and then because I am only operating on a "sensation" basis I would blow them off without any concern for what I'd done.

6. Join or remain in or befriend the one which progresses...

I am joining the first group, the one that has a sane in ethics 2D that aligns with all the dynamics.

7. Do everything possible to improve the actions and statistics of the person, group, project or organization one has remained in or joined.

  • Confronted a 1D admin scale thru Projects so far. This has definitely helped me to see what my importances are and can truly show my 2D terminal what is important to me.
  • I got with my best friends who know me and who see what I've done in the past and who pointed me in the direction of getting this sorted out and apply the conditions to it.
  • I am in comm with and working towards creating the kind of 2D that i want, provided we can get out of NON-E but the point here is I have selected someone who I believe will be in alignment with what I've states here.
  • I did a full write up of what I need and want on the 2D taking into consideration what my 1D importances are as well. I've looked at others who are working on 2D cycles to help me isolate what all I would need to consider for my needed and wanted.
  • I had my potential 2D start on his admin scale so we can honestly look at each other from a 1D viewpoint and know whether or not we could continue the conditions.

8. Suffer on up through the conditions in the new group if one has changed sides..


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