Psychiatric Evaluation notes, Morton Plant Hospital

Date:November 18, 1995

11/18/95 2015

Called to ECC to do f assessment - pt. found lying in bed [] "my friends from the congregation" present at her bedside - mental status exam [illegible] - pt. vehemently denying any thought of self harm - also denies any thoughts or intent to harm any one else - pt [] fixed stare - teary-eyed - monotone voice - guarded frigid affect - AAOx3 [] ability to abstract thinking - cognition intact - seems forgetful / confused at times - confronted [] recent alleged bizarre behavior, "running down the street naked" - an auto accident tonight - "I did it (took clothes off) for attention - I did not want to be arrested" - pt. states "I want to go home [] my friends from the congregation - I won't do anything to harm myself"

Joseph Price, RN

Psychiatric Nurse Liaison