Letter from Tommy Gustafsson


Tommy Gustafsson

Date:June 25, 1989

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June 25, 1989

Dear Lisa [handwritten: ] Skonetski,

Thank you very much for taking time to sit down and write me such a long letter. I am quite impressed of all the wins you are telling me, especially the cog you had with your mother. I would gladly give you a very well done for that one!

I am sure that your family members are realizing quite some changes in their Lisa.

What are you working with now? Do you make the money you need and when do you think you will be back in the team?

You might have heard that we won all the 14 weeks of the first quarter and now we also became solvent which was another target we were working to reach.

But you know what, we lost the first week of the new quarter. With 2 points to AOLA ... so you believe that now the war is on for real.

We really have a fantastic team here and a lot of fun. We are missing you - I would appreciate another letter from you. And Lisa, do real well!

Much love,

Tommy Gustafsson


Lisa Skonetski

4816 Fountain Ave 111

Los Angeles, Ca. 90029 1064

TG: lzn

FSO 01139