Letter from Cindy



Date:January 24, 1989

24 Jan 89

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for your recent letters. The MEST you left has not been a flap yet. In fact I am not really looking forward to living in an apt with no couch, TV, lamp, tables etc. It might be a little helpful if you were to tell me what exactly it is you want sold so nothing gets sold you intended on keeping.

So far I have spent

FSO 01101

( 2 )

about $15.00 on the cat. So if you will send me $20.00 I will keep the cat. I say $20.00 because I will probably have to buy another bag of food by the time you get this letter.

As far as how I'm doing I'm doing fine. I don't know how I'm ever going to handle this ARC break I have with you & Gene. I thought you two were different than all the other staff

FSO 01102