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Because of the way Lisa's skin looked, Janis thinks she had
a severe infection like meningitis. Minkoff thought the same
thing and is having a blood test done. Minkoff asked Janis why
she hadn't brought Lisa in earlier and Janis said that Lisa had
not looked this sick before today.

Tbe hospital staff wanted to know basic information about
Lisa, social security number, address, etc but Janis had left in
such a hurry she forgot Lisa's purse and did not know any of this
data. This had to be called in for.

Paul Greenwood:

SSO Paul Greenwood was called tonight and told to go assist
Janis Johnson take someone to the hospital who was sick. He went
to the cabana, saw Lisa there with Laura A. Janis had gone to
get the car. When he saw Lisa she was awake, but looked very
sick and was breathing heavily. He asked Laura what they were
going to do and she said they were going to take Lisa to the
hospital. He and Laura tried to have Lisa walk between them,
but she was too tick, so be carried her to the car. He sat in the
back with Lisa and Laura and Janis drove. Paul did not know
which hospital they were going to. It took about 45 minutes to
get there. On the way to the hospital, Lisa's breathing became
labored and then got fainter and fainter just before they
arrived. When they got to the New Port Richey hospital Janis
went in to get a doctor. An orderly took Lisa into the hospital
in a wheelchair. That is the last he saw her.

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