Debrief Statement


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He said that she had marks on her which may be due to the
infection,, where the infection-discolors the flesh under the skin.
There was bruises on her hands and feet he said.

He said that he thinks that she may have had meningitis,
which Is an infectious disease.

He stated that even if she had been brought to another
hospital in the area (is closer to the PH) I he felt she still
would have died.

Janice Johnson was spoken to by the hospital staff but did
not know Lisa's address, phone number, next of kin, Social
Security number, etc and exlained that she had just been the one
to drive Lisa to the hospital and had forgotten to grab Lisa's
purse with her ID etc as she was in a hurry.

Hinkoff spoke to terminals at the FSO by phone and was given
the address and phone number of Lisa.

Minkoff spoke to the Nursing Manager at the hospital, and she
tried calling the phone number of Lisa's apartment in CW (to
get her roommate to get data on Lisa) but that there was no

Minkoff said that it is routine. in matters such as these,
where a patient dies quickly when coming to the hospital, that it
becomes a Coroner's case. He said that starting tomorrow (Wed) a
Coroner will ask questions about the case, and basically will just
want to get things answered for himself - what happened, how did
she get sick, etc. He said that the Coroner, once through, will
sign the death cert.

He said that there will be blood tests done Wed.

He said that since - this might be an infectious disease, he
will ensure we get notified tomorrow as soon as be knows, as to
what disease it was.and then we should take precautions that
whoever on the Base was in contact with Lisa should get

Minkoff is going to contact us first thing Wed as soon as he
bears any data from the Coroner and from Lisa's blood tests rethis infection.


FSO 00739
TIF 5069 OCR and bracketed comments by Michael Reuss