Debrief Statement


5 DEC 95


Tonight I spoke to Dr. David Hinkoff regarding Lisa
McPherson. Hinkoff is an OT 8 who is an MD and he works at the
New Port Richey hospital, outside of CW.

I asked him to relate to ME what had happened and he told me
the following.

He said that tonight about 7:30 - 7:45 PM he received a call
from Janice Johnson, the MLO FSO.

Janice said that she had seen Lisa McPherson, who was staying
in one of the cabanas at the Fort Harrison, and that Lisa looked
very sick. Janice said it looked like Lisa had a bad infection
and wanted to know if she should be given antibiotics.

Minkoff toLd Janice that it was better to get har to the
hospital and that she should bring Lisa in to see him.

Janice took Lisa and two staff (the SSO and an assistant
from her MLO office) with her and drove to the New Port Richey
hospital, about 45 minutes away.

When they arrived at the hospital, Lisa was brought back to
the Emergency room where Minkoff was working.

Hinkoff said that he her and he could see that she
was dead.

He said that Janice Johnson stated that Lisa had been gasping
and bad labored breathing, enroute.

They worked on her for about 20 minutes trying to resusitate
her, giving her CPR and antibiotics. but to no avail.

He said that it appeared that she had been overwhelmed by an
infection, one which she could not fight off.

He said that it appeared to him as if there had been some
infection that overwhelmed the body in maybe 8 - 12 hours.

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