Report (Win?) on L-12

Date:February 1, 1995

Lisa McPherson                  L12

L12 gave me back my power. There is much to be said about CONTROL, too. Since this action my ability to start change and stop has dramatically improved. I don't even recall exactly what it was I was trying to handle with L12 but something that is for sure - I AM NOW HANDLING MY LIFE! I am in control and am having to much fun. I used to be sort of [illegible] but now I [illegible]. I have a much wider sphere of control too. My power has increased across the dynamics. I spot things that are out and can apply a standard handling according to how I see it - not how I think I am "supposed to". Applying the tech is easier now than ever, probably because it's really me and not anyone else!

I loved it!

Lisa McPherson          2-1 95

KO? Oh yes. [initials]

FSO 00013