Product List Addendum

Date:January 3, 1989

Product list Addendum

3 Jan 8[cut off]

1. Kathy Copher - from NTI to major [cut off] I completely setu p this for the reg -

2. Kirk Chapman - after I did a dissem cycle on him he quit smoking pot then went and told 2 friends who knew N/G about DN - they also quit just by his marked change. I worked with him daily until he stabilized and he is now doing very well.

3. Recovered Gerry Crawford who is now back on the Bridge and his wife is a staff member.

4. Began selling book packages and sold 4 in one week.

5. Handled Rosalie Whitney on an ethics cycle - shortly thereafter she and her 2 teenagers got back on the Bridge - she paid for both kids their Purif, 1 got DRD and she bought a meter - Before my handling on her she "had no $"! It was a coffee shop type deal - very informal, I just made her confront her own out ethics and she completely turned around.

FSO 00842