untitled report


Lisa McPherson

Date:October 16, 1982


[initials, circled]

I talked to Don today, in person. We met at Kips for coffee. First I told him I did not intend to keep the restraining order active indefinitely. He said that it didn't matter, it was there and that is okay. I told him I received a copy of the temporary injunction and that he was only restrained from assaulting or harassing me. He seemed fine about that too. Second I told him my attorney had drawn up papers stating that I would sign an affidavit of non prosecution provided he pay all my attorney and filing fees. I told him I did not expect him to do that, I will sign the affidavit regardless, and I have no intention of creating further complications concerning our divorce. We both agreed that was okay. Third I told him I realized my part in the incident which occurred regarding the assault, he seemed a bit reluctant to place any cause on my end. I explained further that it was something i know could have been avoided if I had handled it differently and gave him a "for instance." He finally got what I was saying and seemed to open up more to tell me all the hassle and worry he had gone through because of the incident. The meeting ended off very peaceably with us both thanking the other for taking the time to talk about it.

Lisa McPherson

FSO 2456