Life History Questions - additional answers


Lisa Skonetski


8. None

9. friends - Janna Armstrong - she was very close - she worked at the phone company and still does.

Sandi Sampson - very close - she worked for phone co and still does. She got me into SCN and we are still in comm

10. Generally very promiscuous from 14-21 (when got into SCN this ceased). I would have intercourse with most every boyfriend and often times with more than one not orgies just 2 boyfriends - Went to bed w/ married man

FSO 00902

once 15 years ago - never again.

Got pregnant at 17 - abortion

The sexual promiscuity stopped after I got into SCN.

11. No homosexual - felt a girl's boobs once at 12 yrs old

very young played with little girl and we mocked up husb/wife - was 5 or 6

12) interest/dancing/music hobbies - none

13) drill team high school


14) none

IV - friend - Sandi Sampson introduced 1983 [crossed out] at phone co. She's still on lines at CC Dallas and working for phone co

FSO 00903

plus credit cards and 2 lease cars which are subleased.

48 To help mankind

49 I am extremely able and get help to others

50. A sane environment and better future

Part II

1. SS 0, 1, 2, PTS C/S 1, St Hat, HQS, PCS Full Hat


I have no record here of the dates. Original life history has this data.

Purif - grades 0-4

PTS R/D, FPRD Basic form, Int R/D

1983-1988 - original life history has dates also - see PC folder

FSO 00904

22. My mother has been antagonistic toward SCN but has expressed no hostility in 2 years.

34. My mother has expressed the opinion that you should leave your past alone - re: auditing. I have done PTS/CS-1 and PTS R/D and handled her with good roads and fair weather.

38 - none

40 - pending 2D co-audit. My husband has quicksilvered his past at CC Dallas, he also refuses to take full responsibility for our debt approx 26,000. He has been living away from me and off base since joining the S.O. I am seeking divorce in PT.

41. Wilcox S/O berthing

42. Various banks 2 major

FSO 00905

Part III

  1. 1959 Feb 10 Dallas Tx
  2. Education:


    Geo W Truett

    Dallas, Tx

    Grade School


    Gaston Jr Hi


    Jr High School


    Bryan Adams HS

    Dallas Tx

    High School
  3. Jobs

    Cinderella Shoppe 1975-1977

    Sales clerk

FSO 00906

1977-1985 Southwestern Bell Tele Co - Service Rep

1985-1988 Atlantic Financial - Mortgage - Loan Officer

4. Regular childhood - mumps, measles, chicken pox

now have hypoglycemia off & on but not all the time - hits me every so often

5. Fannie McPherson


Dallas, TX 752xx

6. n/a - she lives off interest

7. My mom - just keep it good roads & fair weather. We aren't close but get along

FSO 00907

2) improve my out ethics scene

3) 1983 CC Dallas - wanted to help

4) I had a B of I once - didn't even recall it - was on PCS post which I never really arrived at until 2 years ago - it stated that I didn't want the post

5) none SO [circled]

6) Tech call in


V Drugs

lot of pot - approx 7 years for at least once a day during 2 years -

some speed, valium, some coke window payne [?]

s/g called blue microdot

FSO 00908

2) major commitments:

debts - data on orig life history

VI live in S.O. berthing with Dir Comm. Free time - none to speak of

SO schedule. Leisure time spent visiting w/ SO members

Lisa Skonetski

FSO 00909