Lisa Skonetski

Date:August 28, 1987

I&R via T/HAS                      8-28-87
_____________                  1 copy to my ethics file


Some time ago - maybe 4 weeks - the PSS got with me about production and
ethics in Div 6. We both spotted the out ethics in the division. The PSS
told me she knew for a fact that Byrd Jessup had people he could bring
in but wouldn't because of this. I, since then, have noticed back off on
getting people in. I have the consid that it's not okay. Now that I
realize it, I can see how I have stopped people from coming in. I got
the distinct impression from Shirley that Byrd not bringing people in
was justified. About 2 weeks ago

asked her if she'd writtein it up and she said no. This is blatant C1 on
my lines - I feel it, I know it, I'm not sure exactly how to completely
handle it. I will write my OW's on it but I wanted this to be known.

Lisa Skonetski


FSO 2628