O/W Writeup


Lisa McPherson

Date:June 27, 1983

    Lisa McPherson    O/W's             27 June 83

I was flowing 2D flows to Gene. At the same time I began to get less interested in my 2D. I considered breaking up with my 2D. I still am considering this. This started about a week ago.

A week before this, now that I look at what I am doing, I was flowing to my x hub. I would watch for his car, think about what rotten shape he is in and just had thoughts hovering over him. I looked up his telephone accounta t work and reviewed some of his long distance calls in hope of getting more data on his whereabouts.

There is a guy at work who I am friends with. I had been directing 2D flows his way. He constantly put my ethics in by not flowing back.

When I was married to Don the first time, every morning I would go drink coffee at the circle grill. There was a man I used to sit next to and we talked quite a bit. I enjoyed all his attention and he darn near blew me away with his 2D flow to me. I would act real innocent like I didn't know what it was about me this guy found so appealing. I would always act as if I were just as interested and I'd say things to indicate I was in big doubt on my marriage, and how rotten Don was.

When I first met Don, his best friend T.J. really liked me a lot. I also liked T.J. I'd flow to him when Don wasn't looking. We never kissed or anything but I let T.J. know I really thought a lot of him.

There was a boy who used to work for Don who was young and cute and I always looked forward to seeing him because I knew I could turn him on with a smile. As soon as he'd enter the room, my flows would zero in.

FSO 2419


While Don and I were together a new guy came to work in the office. Don and I were "broken up" so I felt free to do whatever I pleased. I came on to this guy and ended up going to lunch with him one day. We went to his apt. for lunch. I was being totally aggressive in my actions and he even indicated so by becoming frustrated and saying he didn't like the idea of me being in control of the situation. We wound up in the bedroom without enough time to get anything started but we heated each other up quite a bit. During this romance Dona dn I were on and off about every four days. Once I invited this guy Steve over to my apt. He came over and went swimming. Nothing happened that day except I was so cool and laid back he became real interested. We ended up finally sleeping together I think at his apt. I remember being very missed W/Hdy w/ Don because this guy was hung and Don wasn't at all. I was terrified Don would be able to tell I had been w/ Steve. He didn't tho. One day Don and I were talking and I had a brainstorm that I needed to stir up a little of Don's interest in me by making him think there was someone else I was interested in. First I said it was an installer at work. I was bound and determined I was only going to give him a little bit of data.

I lied about who this person was, then I lied again about who he was because Don didn't believe me the

FSO 2421


first time. I lied about 4 different times and never did tell him the truth. I ended up saying how I even thought this guy I was talking about was gay.

The whole time I was talking about Steve. I would at work show a lot of interest to Steve when Don & I were fighting but when we were getting along, I'd ignore Steve. It was a bad cycle and Steve ended up disconnecting from me. I played him for a fool.

At a club dancing one night I met a guy taht was Pres of this dance club, Ernie. Ernie knew Don. Don hated Ernie. I had an affair w/ Ernie and Don tricked me into telling him. I also played Ernie for a fool.

Once while I was going with a guy in Jr. High I made eyes at his best friend. I was supposed to love Rick W. but I constantly flowed to his best friend. I ended up seeing him after RW & I split.

I dated a guy named Mike. I was constantly flowing to his best friend. I dated Malcolm, I flowed to his best friend Rhinehart.

I dated Jim, I slept with his rmmt, Steve.

I used to flow to gas station attendants while they helped me.

I was sleeping with Terry, I ended up flirting with his best friend ?

I dated Phil, I had eyes for his

FSO 2423


best friend John.

I dated Carlos, I made eyes at his best friend Mike. Even called him a couple of times.

I dated Jeff, I made eyes at his best friend Johnny. alled & talked to Johnny often.

I dated Bill, I message around w/ Norman on the side.

I dated Gary, I remember prissing around for one of his friends.

I dated Grady, I ended up best friends with his best friend Bob.

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