O/W Writeup


Lisa Skonetski

Date:May 22, 1982


-> I Don is the bad guy I am the good guy. Or ___ is awful and I am wonderful.

II I was engaged to Jeff [crossed out: and he demanded a lot from me. He insi] fifteen or so.

III He said if I didn't disconnect from my two very best friends he would move back to Oregon. I went to tell Karla & Kellie what had happened and that I could not be their friends anymore because the SOB I dated would not allow it. It was presented in such a way that the attention was off me and on what a lousy guy Jeff was. Truth was -> I had made the decision to continue to see Jeff and disconnect from the Ks. But the girls just believed what I said and still considered me a good guy.

IV The girls should have known it was my decision to separate from them and Jeff should have known how I presented the story

II night before last before last -

-> III the phone rang. I was alone at 1:30 A. I lifted the receiver not

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to say hello, only to stop the noise. I knew it was Don. I hung up. Again, the noise begins, I just picked up the phone and laid it back down (slight antagonism I'd say) You don't have to speak to do that. I found out the hard way. Three minutes later you can guess who is roaring through the house demanding the phone be disconnected the next day. If I don't answer when he calls, then just disconnect it. Now I begin my confront scene. He screams, I calmly acknowledge - MORE ANTAGONISM!!! I consider it 'legal' tho since I'm so calm. Bullshit - call it what you like - there is no such ting as 'legal' antagonism. It's true he is not creating the most comfortable situation with all his heated anger but it's all reactive and I acknowledged it as if he were talking cheerfully not exactly realistic, huh? Poor guy does all he can to get a legit response and I keep confronting calmly. He resorts to physical destruction - lamp radios - nothing big - just react like you're supposed to Lisa and all this can be done a lot sooner - but do I? Nope, this girl is HANDLING it. Next he reaches for

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his shotgun -> it worked! I get up and pissed that he'd managed to get to me. I staretd screaming how he could just shoot me that would be fine. He probably would have - not meaning any harm of course, just to get the effect.

The next day, I tell the important people how he just goes beserk the night before and I am leaving for good. Leaving out the above details.

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