No Report Report

Date:September 22, 1988

[date and first line of routing are illegible]

Those Listed



No Report Report

The following people did not report to study for W/E 22 Sept. 88.

Shirley Burris

Stuart Cameron

Ed Donahue

Cathie Hebert

Ann Laws

Hasan Luszcz (5)

Danny Ramsey

Larry Shelton

Carl Rice (5)

Charles Torrance (5)

Billy Eacret

Samantha Paullin

Lisa Cameron

Force Chamberlain

Charles Garcia

Hildegard Jessup

Mike Laws

Kay Proctor

Gary Richie

Lisa Skonetski (5) <--

Pat Taylor (5)

Carol South

Randell Whaley

Billy Hathaway


FSO 01665