Non-Compliance Report


Force Chamberlain

Date:September 17, 1986

--> EO                            17 Sept 86
    6A Exp  LS
    6A Exp  LC
    S to D SBS 
<-- PS

                     Non Compliance
                    Lisa Skonetski
                    Lisa Cameron
                    Troy Fairbanks

All 3 of the above were ordered a while back to put in & keep in HCOPL 8
Feb 72 Rev 21 Oct 80 Targeting of Div Stats & Quotas, specifically to
post a graph with the daily & recumulative stats.

Lisa S. & Lisa C. both have not done this in weeks. Roy's is out for the
last 3-4 days.

This is non-compliance and out-ethics.

                            Force Chamberlain

FSO 02013