Knowledge Report


Lisa Skonetski

Date:March 14, 1982

March 14, 1982

Knowledge Report on

Lisa McPherson by Rick Benson

Jim, this is just to inform you that Lisa may be PTS (Type 2 to her ex-husband I think).

Over the last 3-4 days she has not reacted to me as a 2D in any way. She told me this morning "There's something I'm not confronting ... "

I went out to her car this AM & said good bye & her last remark was "would you please leave me alone."

(Her indicators were real bad with a very nervous, scared look)

Up until 3-4 days ago our 2d was doing great then a sudden change.

My plans are to grant her as much beingness as I can & just be an auditor with her until whatever she is sitting in is handled.

My other guess is heavy restim from her father being

FSO 2443

on his death bed.

I love Lisa very much & fully intend to marry her.

My only intention here is to see that she gets fully handled & back to her beautiful self.

Thank you Jim.


Rick Benson

FSO 2444