Ethics Report


Lisa McPherson

Date:May 23, 1983

23 May 83

Lisa McPherson

[two sets of initials; one is "FC"]

Working out of the lower conditions went very quickly for me up to liability.

I felt so good about finally looking at my out ethics situation on my 2D. I looked at my attitude about my responsibility and how there was not any. I cognited that I really had done SOMETHING to be in the 2D sit I was in. I had actually made
it a point to create what we had going. As I looked I saw how I can change and have a very fulfilling 2D with Rick. I realized that my life had to have a tone 40 change. I turned completely around. I began to feel closer to Rick and willing to move throug
h the stuff we had going on. I made the decision that I am going to spend a lot of time with him. The rest of this lifetime for sure. I know that is totally possible knowing the way Scn works. The only thing I had to know is IT DOES WORK.

My thoughts and feelings are really where they belong now. And I put them there.

I moved too fast to write each step but I know I stopped at step 3 of liability. I fulfilled the condition with two hours of hosuework (Rick is normally responsible for all the household cleaning) and I bought him

FSO 2410

the outfit of his choice. I also was granted re-entry and feel real good at having completed this step.

[in Force Chamberlain's handwriting:] Lisa will be doing a Non-E next with her 2D Rick Benson.

FSO 2412