Dev-T Report


Charles Boykin

Date:March 9, 1984

--> EO                                     9 Mar 86
    Lisa Skonetski

                         Dev-T Report
                        Lisa Skonetski

Tonite I noticed wrapping up a package of papers that she got through
copying off of our copier. I looked at the log and she had copied one
HCO PL and 71 copies of "Reports". She seemed to be very serious about
what she was doing.

I asked her later what she was copying and she said "some reports". I
asked if the copies were paid for and she said that she was doing this
for Lorre (Seymour) and Lorre had some credit for copier use. I asked if
she had gotten w/ David and she hadn't. I told her to get w/ him so he'd
know and she did. Later I asked David about the cycle and he said that
Lisa by-passed the lines and did not

have prior approval for this cycle. As regards Lorre's "credit" he
wasn't certain whether he needed collect on this or not.

This was DEV-T for me in that I had to find out what was going on and
Dev-T for David in that he was by-passed on the cycle.

                       That's it,
                       Charles Boykin

FSO 2624