Lisa Skonetski

Date:January 2, 1987



1. Decide who are one's friends
   1 Force Chamberlain
   2 Steve Parker
   3 Roy Fairbanks
   4 Shirley Burris
   5 the folks who are keeping their ethics in to help expand our
mission and _working_ on handling out-points. People who take
responsibility for themselves and fellow staff to ensure their ethics
are in.

2. Deliver an effective blow to the enemies of the group one has been
pretending to be part of despite personal danger.

The enemies are: laziness (ie - not handling backlog, non-compliance w/
Sr, out ethics in applying conditions (by _not_ applying them), P.R.,

I have delivered an effective blow to the enemy by actually
_confronting_ the condition I am in and deciding to _really_ and truly
DO the condition.

FSO 01943


for real this time. For my own sake. And to get back on track.

3. Make up the damage done ...

Damage done was: let letters (receipts to book-buyers) stack up 

didn't apply conditions and caused DEV T to my Sr.

   A) Friday _after_ post went home & wrote 32 letters (with receipts)
   B) Sunday night 12-28-86 after post I EP'd the backlog by writing 83
   C) After post one night I stayed here til 1:00 A or so typing up
cards for addresso as that area was back-logged (I type cards of
bookbuyers and addresso makes plates off my cards) this took about 2

[the following paragraph was entirely crossed out:]
   D) Last night after post I wrote up my post condition.

FSO 01945


4. I am asking your permission now to rejoin this group as a staff

app'd                         disapp'd


C Chamberlain                ------------------
Maggie Pulles  VWD           ------------------
Bill Delaway                 ------------------
Roy Hart                     ------------------
Joe Delancy                  ------------------
Force Chamberlain            ------------------
[illegible]                  ------------------
Steve Parker                 ------------------
Shirley Burris               ------------------
Darryl Wiegand               ------------------
D. Simone   WD!              ------------------
[illegible]                  ------------------
[illegible]                  ------------------
Louise Dennis                ------------------
Jan Ramsay                   ------------------
[illegible]                  ------------------
[illegible]                  ------------------
Brenda Shubert               ------------------
Cindy H                      ------------------
Stuart Cameron               ------------------

FSO 01947