Danger, 1st Dynamic


Lisa Skonetski

Date:February 22, 1987


I've kept stats correctly and gotten honest and straight.

I wrote up a false report on myself for turning in a report that was
false as to what I'd done on my intro services mult

5. Reorganize your life so that the dangerous situation is not
continually happening to you.

I have stayed until the stats are all done _correctly_.

This will be done in the future.

Also, I got Winona to agree to help out two days a week so more outflow
can occur and I can get stats done without staying real late

6.  Formulate and adopt firm policy:

FSO 01888


1. That stats be done correctly
2. policy that when I allow myself to go out ethics I am killing myself
3. When reach in any area of my production is down look for OW's and get
them cleaned up

Lisa Skonetski

FSO 01890


Cope off

               Job Endangerment

I was just in the print shop and saw and expeditor making out tickets
for DN COD orders backdated to Feb 7.

This is endangering my job as books are not being delivered to public.

This stops flows and is _positively_ not okay!


FSO 01892