1D Conditions


Lisa Skonetski



Treason: Not sure what 1st D purpose
         Hat   1D - to be self determined

Emerg: I really am the one who's making the decisions even if there's
someone else - it's me doing it. Sets it up so if I fail - it's their
responsibility etc. But I'm really the one. Really get that.

FSO 01824


Doubt: Me doing it myself or me deciding on [ ??? ] doing it for me.

1) intention is to get a [ ???]; have someone else be responsible. Also
[ ??? ] are to keep me from failing (apparently)

2) stats - creates a need for effort
stats are [ illegible ]. It determines my value of self -- causes me to
self list.

3) should be attacked! [illegible]

4) The whole reason I set that up in the 1st place was to be able to be
right, be happy - to be happy, successful, in control, to feel good
about self.

5) stats are good when decide the [ e/p ? ] for self - i.e., marry Gene,
get in Scn, take [???] when stats went up last week.

6) [???] w/ self (now knows why the stop on Grade IV - [illegible]).

7) Do 1D admin scale     8) [illegible]
   Get back in session.

FSO 01826