Bob Frybarger, CCHR Dallas

Date:May 30, 1993



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30 May 93


CCHR Texas recently pushed through the most comprehensive anti-Psych legislation in the country. The bills have passed both the Texas House and Senate and are just waiting to be signed into law by the governor. These laws are a milestone towards handling Psych suppression on the planet. The following people have contributed toward this effort and deserve to be commended.

Jim Johnson

Scott Hendricks

Brandy Levine

Pam Hackley

Dan Levine

Jeff Schafner

Lisa McPherson

Chuck Bell

Norman Ralston

Helen Ralston

Steve Craig

Tom Theimer

Olla Theimer

Robert Goranson

Steve Weber

Gary Norris

Jan Houston

Jack Nunn

Lucious Boyd

Cathleen LeTeau

Steve South

John Bianci

Dave Slaughter

Gilda Burton

Craig Burton

Teri Cates

Brenda Hubert

Franz Reiter

Rosalie Hamilton
Steve Trower

Pete Cunningham

Lee Haywood

David Haywood

Larry Geis

Susan Roberts

Judson Morris

Faith Trower

Julia Roark

Raymond Roark

Byrd Jessup

Hildegard Jessup

Don Holt

Fritz Alders

Kevin Rush

Yana Norris

Guy Houston

Sandy Nunn

Linda Boyd

Shirley Burris

Stuart Cameron

Sharon Philips

Joe Arnett

Benetta Slaughter

Gloria Cruz

Carol South

Sheri Randall

Kay Proctor

Shirley Eckols

Ronda Jordan

Thankyou for your support,

Bob Frybarger CCHR Dallas

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