Coleen Neary

Date:February 8, 1991

                                 February 8, 1991

cc: OT Committee President
cc: Ethics file CC Dallas
cc: Lisa McPherson
Coleen Neary
OT Committee PS
Event I/C

                        Lisa McPherson

Lisa is highly commended for her contribution to the success of the past
weekend's FSM Events with Al Kapuler Friday evening and Malcolm Levine's
Introduction to Dianetics and Scientology lecture Saturday evening.

Lisa spent many hours over a number of weeks organizing the call-in and
ticket sales for these events. She did an incredible job of contacting
the field and getting them to participate in these activities. The
attendance Friday evening was 76, the attendance Saturday evening was
91. We are very pleased with the interest shown by the field.

Lisa was in charge of reception for both evenings and did a great job
under some tough circumstances.

The events were very well attended with Lisa's efforts toward expanding
our field activities and furthering Scientology to raw public in the
Dallas area. Thank you, Lisa!

Much Love,

Coleen Neary
PS OT Committee

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