Robert Frybarger

Date:May 30, 1993

Citizens Commission on Human Rights
  Investigating and Exposing Psychiatric Violations of Human Rights
Since 1969.
     Established by the Church of Scientology.

May 30, 1993

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                    VERY HIGHLY COMMENDED
                      HIGHLY COMMENDED

   CCHR Texas recently pushed through the most comprehensive anti-Psych
legislation in the country. The bills have passed both the Texas House
and Senate and are just waiting to be signed into law by the governor.
These laws are a milestone towards handling Psych suppression on the
planet. The following people have contributed in a major way toward this
effort and deserve to be highly commended.

                     LISA McPHERSON
                     STUART CAMERON
                     CAROL SOUTH
                     BENETTA SLAUGHTER
                     DAVE SLAUGHTER
                     JEFF SCHAFNER
                     SHARON PHILIPS
                     JOHN BIANCI

   The following individuals have made outstanding cointributions to
getting these bills passed and are Very Highly Commended.

                     JIM JOHNSON
                     BYRD JESSUP
                     HILDEGARD JESSUP

                     Thank you for your backup,
                     Bob Frybarger CCHR Dallas

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