Carol South

Date:May 5, 1993

--> Ethics CC Dallas                    5 May 93
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    OT Committee
      Dianetics Event Co-I/C


The following people are again highly commended for their participation
in the public Dianetics Lecture and Demonstration which was given on May
1, 1993 at a local hotel.

Each of the following people contributed in a way which made this event
occur. As a team effort, each should be commended for their continued
willingness, postulate and hard work.

Very well done!

     Bennetta Slaughter          Carol South
     David Slaughter             Lisa McPherson
     Jeff Schaffner              Coleen Neary
     John Bianchi                Malcolm Levine
     Kay Proctor                 Tim Moseley
     Lauren Moseley              DeDee Eckols Cage
     Nolan Cage                  Susan Roberts
     Pete Cunningham             Rosalie Hamilton
     Meredith Hamilton           Dean Hassinger
     Martha Street               Tim Collins
     Franz Reiter                Steve Weber
     Larry Geis                  Randall Whaley
     Cheri Rogers                Jim Isham

It should also be noted that Bennetta Slaughter, David Slaughter and
Jeff Schaffner virtually completely bank-rolled this event. Without
their unselfishness, it would not have occurred. Thank you.

Carol Lee South
Dianetics Event Co-I/C