Carol South

Date:January 22, 1993

    Highlighted Person Named Below                 22 January 93
    Carol Lee South
    Dianetics Event Co-I/C


Those named below are highly commended for their continuing support and
efforts in the public Dianetic lectures and demonstration put on by the
Dallas OT Committee. This relates to the most recent event on January
16, 1993.

These people are the ones who care enough to continue working hard to
ensure that this event can occur and that new, raw public, are contacted
about and educated in Dianetics enough to decide to get on The Bridge.

Thank you for being there and continuing to carry the torch.

        John Bianchi            Byrd Jessup
        Martha Street           Coleen Neary
        Malcolm Levine          Chuck Bell
        Stuart Cameron          Robert Gorranson
        Steve Craig             Larry Geis
        Brian Jordan            Loren Moseley
        Susan Roberts           Theresa Beeher
        Steve Trower            Lisa McPherson
        Craig Burton            DeDee Eckols
        Nolan Cage              Brandi Levin
        Allan Daniel            Cheri Rogers
        Carol South

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