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Susanne Reid


9 Feb 90

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Lisa Skonetski


HGC Auditor - Cindy

Tech/Qual Ethics Chit


Lisa Skonetski

Yesterday I rec'd a message from Lisa (via Telephonist Roberta Beard). The message was in reply to a series of letters & phone calls I had made to Lisa over the past year about removing her personal MEST from my apartment. For the last year & 2 months
she has had her LRH Library in the apt. I

FSO 01626


have made infrequent requests to her to get this stuff handled. The message I got was that she would come get her damn books & she guessed she would have to find something else for me to harass her about so I would stay in comm. Well I have far from be
en in comm with Lisa & would not consider 5-6 requests to get her books over the last year harassment.

Cindy Howenstein

FSO 01628