Weekly Battleplan


Lisa Skonetski


Weekly Battleplan

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Lisa Skonetski

___ 1. Start off and follow thru each day with the R-factor of we get our quotas - NO MATTER WHAT! The attitude is we can do it and we will, we knock out anything that gets in our way even our own considerations or CI! Nothing else is acceptable.

___ 2. We waste these guys who are dev-T on our lines and wasting our time.

___ 3. Sort through the out of town HOT prospects and call them in for service.

___ 4. Drill Dissem Drill w/ Kay until we both have it down cold. Use it daily.

___ 5. Schedule in far more people than we feel comfortable handling daily - make this a game, handle any consids.

___ 6. Get Saturday and Sunday mornings packed with new people

___ 7. Get 5 recruit prospects named

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