Annoyance report


Julia Evans

Date:September 25, 1986

Ethics <--                        Sept 25 1986
Dept 6 Exp
   Lisa Skonetski
Dept 1 Exp
   Julia Evans

                    Annoyance Report
                     Lisa Skonetski

Today I was heading back to HCO after leaving Roy a message and walked
by Lisa S. We smiled at each other and she asked, "Are you wearing a
bra?" As I'm not, I said, "No." It's not a big deal, but that's not any
of her business if I am or not. I wouldn't have written this, but
questions such as that one mentioned and others which for some reason I
take as personal hits ie., "You're wearing jeans today?", or simple
phrases meant to help, "That ashtray looks like shit.", are constantly
coming from her in my direction. I don't know why, but I don't find it
comfortable at all. It really hurts sometimes.

                        This is true,
                        Julia Evans

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