Executive Court of Ethics

Date:August 18, 1988

Notice of an Executive Court of Ethics being called on Lisa Skonetski. It is dated August 18, 1988; the Court of Ethics is to be held on August 20, 1988, in Lisa's office, with Mike Laws (HES) presiding.

The problem is the number of ethics reports Lisa's gotten lately: 11 Non-Compliance reports and 6 No Report reports in August - and August is only half over.

The charges are "Non-Compliance" (a Scientology misdemeanor) and "Refusal to uphold discipline" (a Scientology crime).

The document is written by:

Hildegard J. Jessup

Ethics Officer

approved by

Carol Lee South

DH/LRH TM Communicator

Church of Scientology

Celebrity Centre (R) Dallas

FSO 01266