Waste Report


Charles Torrence?

Date:October 16, 1986

--> Ethics Sect.                  16 Oct. 86

                   Waste Report
                   Error Report
                     Dept. 6A
                     Lisa Skonetski
                     Lisa Cameron

While working to handle a backlog in CF, I ran into over 30 duplicates
generated from the 6A dept. This cost 25-30 plates, duplicate CF folders
and duplicate cards and more than likely an uncaught false report on the
NNCF stat. 6A types up folders from the invoices so that they can count
on the NNCF stat. It was necessary since the CF post is unfilled. Due to
the amount of errors & waste, this system needs to be modified so that
it is more efficient. It also generated added unnecessary work for me to
get CF in PT & usable.

                        This is true,


FSO 01989