Sec Check


Brenda McDaniel


[A sec check run on Lisa.]

Lisa Skonetski
Brenda McDaniel

This is to be done HCO Sec Check Procedure.

R Factor - Int Finance needs some data

  1. Are you not telling all about the drugs you took? (FN)
  2. Regarding your drug history has anything been missed? (FN)
  3. Have you committed an overt in representing your drug history? (FN)
  4. Is there something about you taking or not taking LSD that you do not want known? (FN)
  5. Are you saying you didn't take LSD just so you can join the Sea Org? (FN)
  6. Have you falsified a drug incident to make less of it? (FN)
  7. Have you false reported about drugs you have taken? (FN)
  8. Have you deliberately tried to mislead a recruiter about your drug history? (FN)
  9. Is there some question you shouldn't be asked about your drug history? (FN)
  10. Is there something you wouldn't want known about drugs you've taken? (FN)
  11. End Ruds

FSO 00877