Alert from the Office of the ED International

Date:May 6, 1989

An Alert from the Office of the ED International dated May 6, 1989.

It's addressed to Steve, the LC CCI, from Elaine Caldwell, the ED Int's SO #1 Secretary. It concerns Lisa Skonetski, Grade IV, and it has a Time Machine of 3 days. Lisa's letter and the ED Int's reply are attached (but were not included in the files supplied to the police).

According to the document, an alert "means that a situation has come to the attention of the ED International and requires your immediate attention and handling." It cites HCO PL 31 July 1983, "Basic Management Tools."

Elaine writes,

"If what she says is true, she is being held up on her leaving staff routing form due to needing a Grad IV auditor for her next auditing action.

"She has paid for her FES herself, and says she has an auditor lined up for her sec check and 2D co-audit."

A handwritten notation says "Senior Sec 15/5/89".

At the bottom, the form says, "This alert is confidential and non-actionable." and cites ED 134 INT "Personal Comm Lines."

FSO 01181