Summary - Fort Harrison Guests, Telephone Summary - Andrea Catt

Date:April 15, 1997


FLO520300/Clearwater Police Department Report No. 95-29158
Offense Death Investigation Date of Report 4/15/97

Location 644 Pierce Street Orig Incident Date 12/6/95
Victim Lisa McPherson VI Prosecute Yes X No
Investigator Jorge Carrasquillo
Previous Status Active
Subject None
Impound Inventory None


Monday, April 14, 1997

On April 14, 1997, I had telephone conversations with the following individuals:

1. Tony Hitchman: Hitchman said he stayed at the cabanas from the middle of November, 1995 until January, 1996. Hitchman said he was at the church for services. Hitchman stated he did not see or hear anything unusual during his stay. Hitchman has no knowledge of the Lisa McPherson case.

2. Alan Lake: I spoke with Claudia Lake, Jeffrey Lake's wife. Claudia stated her husband Jeff has never stayed at the cabanas at 210 S. Ft. Harrison Ave. Claudia stated the Church might of mistaken her husbands information for Alan Lake's information. Claudia stated she will have Jeff return my call. On April 15, 1997 Jeff Lake called and verified his wife's statements. Lake stated he is a Scientologist, however he has never stayed at the Fort Harrison.

3. Paul Peter / Susan Ortner: Paul Ortner identified himself as a 60 year old w/m. Ortner stated Susan (his wife) and he stayed at the cabanas sometime around November 20, 1995. Ortner stated they do not recall seeing security guard(s) assigned to any particular room. Ortner stated

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FL0520300/ Clearwater Police Department Report No. 95-29158
Offense Death Investigation Date of Report 4/15/97

they did not notice any unusual activity during their stay, other then David Miscavige was staying at the hotel during the same time. Ortner said as a result security was a little more active then usual.

4. Jim Ross Meskimen: Meskimen identified himself as a w/m born in 1959. Meskimen said he and his wife and her parents were staying at the cabanas around the Thanksgiving weekend of November 1995. Meskimen said no one in his party noticed any unusual activity during their stay. Meskimen said he was glad we were investigating Lisa McPherson's death.

5. Sue Swank: Swank said she was at the cabanas during the beginning of December 1995. Swank stated the only thing she saw out of the ordinary was an old man painting the stairs at the cabanas, and someone falling down them because of the paint wet paint. Swank said she was gone most of time from the hotel. Swank said she would usually leave at 0700 hours and return around 2100 hours.

I left telephone messages for Brenda Jones, Jim Norton, and Khonda Andrews to return my phone calls. I made telephone contact with a Gail Huse in Canada who informed me that Mary Ann Broughn was currently in Clearwater, Florida. Huse stated she will advise Broughn to return my call. The telephone number for Joe Kraus has been disconnected there is no new telephone number available. The telephone number for Judith Schwyter is incorrect. On April 14, 1997 at approximately 1700 hours I attempted to contact Schwyter at her residence, with negative results.

On April 14, 1997 I made three international calls. The first was to Liliane Eckharter's residence. I made telephone contact with a female. I was informed Liliane Eckharter was not home. I attempted to inform the female to please have

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FL0520300/ Clearwater Police Department Report No. 95-29158
Offense Death Investigation Date of Report 4/15/97

Liliane return my call, however because of the language barrier I don't believe I was successful. Both telephone numbers provided for Muriel Lore were not functioning.

On April 11, 1997, 1 was informed by Det. Richard Howard that Andrea Catt had called from England, requesting to speak with one of the investigators handling the Lisa McPherson case. On April 14, 1997, I called Catt at 011-XXX-XXX-XXX. Catt stated she might have some useful information regarding Lisa McPherson. Catt said she had been on the Internet and noticed we were having difficulties finding some witnesses. Catt said there is a reason for us not locating the witnesses.

Catt stated she is no longer a Scientologist, however in 1994 she was on Staff in Dorset, England as a Registrar (sales person), collecting moneys for the Church. Catt said she was working for the Bournemouth Mission in Dorset. Catt said during 1993 and 1994 the Poole Police, in Dorset county were investigating The Church of Scientology for financial crimes. Catt said the financial crimes were fraudulent bank loans. Catt stated the Church provided Attorney Peter Hodkin for her interviews in 1993. Catt said Hodkin had prior knowledge of the interviews and told her what to say. Catt stated in July of 1995 the Police wanted to interview Catt again. Catt believes the Church had an insider (Police Officer Rod Hawkins) working at Poole Station, because the Church found out about the up coming interviews. (Catt stated she can not prove Hawkins was working for the Church) Catt stated she was immediately made to disappear by Church orders. Catt said the Office of Special Affairs ordered her and her husband out of the country within twenty four hours. Catt stated she was taken to Denmark so the Police could not interview her. Catt was told there was not enough evidence to extradite her from Denmark. Catt said this was done to thwart the investigation. Catt believes we are facing the same problems as

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FL0520300/ Clearwater Police Department Report No. 95-29158
Offense Death Investigation Date of Report 4/15/97

the Poole Police. Catt stated if need be she is willing to testify to what she knows. Catt provided the following information:

Andrea Catt W/F 12/XX/60


Swanage, Dorset England bh191ls

Home Tel. 021-XXX-XXX-XXXX

Investigation continues.

Ofc. Reporting Det. Jorge Carrasquillo ID No. 630
Case Status Active Date Cleared
Clearance Type Exception Type
1. Arrest

Adult Juvenile

2. Exceptional

3. Unfounded
1. Extradition declined

2. AR of primary offense,

secondary offense,

w/o prosecution
3. Death of Offender

4. V/W refused to cooperate

5. Prosecution declined

6. Juv/No Custody

Ofc. Reviewing                      Date          SAO Info

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