Sworn Statement of Tana Marafino

Date:September 10, 1997



      4       IN RE:
      5            INVESTIGATION OF
      6            LISA MCPHERSON
            PLACE:         Criminal Courts Complex
      9                    14250 - 49th Street North
                           Clearwater, Florida
      11    DATE:          September 10, 1997
            TIME:          9:00 a.m.
      14    REPORTED BY:   C. Diane Gilcrease
                           Deputy Official Court Reporter.
      15                   Sixth Judicial Circuit
      17                   STATEMENT OF TANA MARAFINO
      18                                              PAGES 1 -28
      22                     ROBERTA. DEMPSTER & ASSOCIATES
                                OFFICIAL COURT REPORTERS
      23                              P0. BOX 35
                             CLEARWATER, FLORIDA 34617-0035
      24                            (813) 443-0992


      1                             APPEARANCES
      4       14250 - 49th Street North
              Clearwater, Florida 34620
      5           Attorney for State of Florida
      7       ROBERT P. POLLI, ESQUIRE
              Robert P. Polli, P.A.
      8       Barnett Bank Plaza, Suite 1130
              101 East Kennedy Boulevard
      9       Tampa, Florida 33602
                  Attorney for the witness
      11      ALSO PRESENT:
      12      LEE STROPE, Special Agent
              Florida Department of Law Enforcement
              WAYNE C. ANDREWS, Detective Sergeant
      14      City of Clearwater Police Department
            EXAMINATION BY                                    PAGE
      19    MR. MCGARRY                                          3
      20    MR. STROPE                                          18
      21    MR. ANDREWS                                         19


      1                       Tana Marafino
      2    having been first duly cautioned and sworn to testify the
      3    truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth,
      4    testified on his oath as follows:
      5                      DIRECT EXAMINATION
      6    BY MR. MCGARRY:
      7          Q.   State your name for the record, please.
      8          A.   My name is Tana Marafino.
      9          Q.   My name is Mark McGarry. I'm a prosecutor for
      10   the State Attorneys Office. We are conducting an
      11   investigation into the circumstances surrounding Lisa
      12   McPherson's death. Your name came up pursuant to our
      13   investigation. We'd like to ask you some questions about
      14   what knowledge you have about that, okay?
      15         A.   Okay.
      16         Q.   Some background information, if we could. Your
      17   date of birth?
      18         A.   X 1943. .
      19         Q.   And where do you reside now?
      20         A.   On X.
      21         Q.   Is that Hacienda?
      22         A.   Yes...
      23         Q.   Do you have a roommate?
      24         A.   Yes, I have several roommates. I live in a
      25      dormitory.


      1          Q.   How long have you lived here in Clearwater?
      2          A.   11 years.
      3          Q.   Have you been a staff member for any of that
      4    period of time?
      5          A.   The entire time.
      6          Q.   Before the 11 years, where did you live then?
      7          A.   Rochester, New York.
      8          Q.   When did you join the church?
      9          A.   I became a parishioner in 1974 when I first read
      10   Dianetics.
      11         Q.   When did you move to Clearwater? Do you remember
      12   what year that was?
      13         A.   1985, December.
      14         Q.   All right. And why did you come to Clearwater?
      15         A.   I was employed by the church.
      16         Q.   What employment did you take on in 1985?
      17         A.   I was employed as a -- actually my first
      18   employment was, as an ethics officer.
      19         Q.   And what does that entail?
      20         A.   It entails actually the application of specific
      21   church doctrine in regards to ethics.
      22         Q.   And did you progress or did you change staff
      23   positions from ethics?
      24         A.   Several times.
      25         Q.   Why don't go through those for me.


      1          A.   1986, I was an ethics officer. In 1987, I went
      2    to Los Angeles for administrative training. I was there
      3    from March until November, and then I returned and I was
      4    given the position of an executive over the Division One.
      5                 MR. POLLI:  Slow down. You can continue.
      6          She's trying to take that down.
      7    BY MR. MCGARRY:
      8          Q.   You can continue.
      9          A.   The Division One is actually the area in the
      10   organization where the hiring is done and the training of
      11   staff occurs and the communications of the area are
      12   monitored. And the ethics, there is one section there,
      13   one department actually that handles the ethics. If an
      14   individual is having some personal difficulties or some
      15   difficulties that are detrimental to the group, it's
      16   handled in the area of ethics, and I was senior over that.
      17   So that was 1980 -- the end of '87, 1988 until the
      18   beginning of '89.
      19              And '89, I was put on, again, a type of a training
      20   program where I was learning how to audit. I did that
      21   until September, no, August of 1990. In 1990, I was
      22   transferred and put on to the position of executive
      23   housekeeper for the Fort Harrison, and I had that position
      24   for -- until May of '91. And in May of '91, I was sent to
      25   Los Angeles for administrative training.


      1               I returned from Los Angeles in March of '93. And then
      2    I was put on what is known as a project. I did not have a
      3    specific function, but I had many different functions from
      4    March until September.
      5               And then in September, I was put on an executive
      6    position as the nomenclature. The Super Cargo is the name
      7    of the position. From that position, I had under me the
      8    original Division One with the hiring and training and
      9    also had an additional division which was promotion and
      10   registration. And I held that position until December of
      11   '96.
      12              And December of '96, I was transferred and I am
      13   currently, the position is called the Fort Harrison Guest
      14   Rooms Captain. And that is the individual who is over
      15   specifically the housekeepers who clean the rooms.
      16         Q.   So during the period of time that Lisa McPherson
      17   was a guest at the hotel, your position was what?
      18         A.   Super Cargo.
      19         Q.   Super Cargo. Can you give me a better
      20   description of your job and what that entails, Super
      21   Cargo?
      22         A.   As I said, it's over the first 2 divisions of the
      23   organization, Division 1 and 2. The hotel and the
      24   operations of the hotel where I am now is in Division 4.
      25   Okay. So my functions had to do with hiring new staff,


      1    training them on whatever job they were going to have,
      2    again, communications, ethics, promotion, putting together
      3    promo pieces, things that would go out to the public to
      4    get them to come to the hotel, and also registration,
      5    registering people. Those were my functions.
      6               I had direct juniors under me who actually did --
      7          Q.   In November of 1995, did you have any contact
      8    with Lisa McPherson?
      9          A.   None.
      10         Q.   None. Okay. Were you involved in any of the
      11   organization of the care or cleaning of the room?
      12         A.   No.
      13         Q.   You weren't?
      14         A.   No.
      15         Q.   Okay. Who was in charge of that?
      16         A.   I honestly -- I spoke yesterday and was asked the
      17   same question. I do not know. As I said, from my
      18   Division 1, Division 2 position, I did not have contact or
      19   know exactly what was functions, the functions, that were
      20   occurring in the Division 4, in the Fort Harrison, at the
      21   time. I did give 2 names of individuals who may have been
      22   at the time holding that position of the executive
      23   housekeeper. I don't know which one it was.
      24         Q.   What are the 2 names?
      25         A.   Edit, E-D-I-T, Bota. Sidney Scelda, S-C-E-L-D-A.


      1          Q.   So you never met Lisa McPherson?
      2          A.   No, sir.
      3          Q.   Have you talked to anybody about the Lisa
      4    McPherson situation?
      5          A.   No. The first I had heard of it was 2 nights ago
      6    when I was told I would be coming here and that it was
      7    involving a specific cycle. That was the first I have
      8    heard of this individual.
      9          Q.   You had no contact with the cycle though?
      10         A.   Absolutely none.
      11         Q.   Is there anything else I need to ask her Bob?
      12              MR. POLLI: You can ask her questions about
      13   Edit and Sidney to figure out where they were
      14   BY MR. MCGARRY:
      15         Q.   Where were they in the position of the hierarchy
      16   here, the 2 names you just gave us?
      17         A.   At one point Sidney was the executive housekeeper
      18   for the Fort Harrison, and Edit took her place. I don't
      19   know when the transfer occurred. Edit is now the
      20   executive housekeeper.
      21         Q.   How about some general questions. Can I ask you
      22   about -- I assume you're familiar with housekeeping in the
      23   building?
      24         A.   Yes.
      25         Q.   If you have a guest staying at the hotel that


      1    came from California or wherever, how is it they're placed
      2    in the hotel if they're staying for a week?
      3          A.   That would come from registration, okay. And
      4    there are external registration points and internal.
      5    There is registration where we have terminals within the
      6    hotel that make phone calls or write letters externally to
      7    get individuals to come. And there are external points
      8    where the person would be contacted from someone in
      9    California and told, you know, you want a specific
      10   service. That service is available to you in Clearwater.
      11   You know, you should stay in the hotel and they do the
      12   whole registration.
      13         Q.   I see. So most of the people that are staying in
      14   the hotel are staying there for specific services.
      15   They're coming for some training or for auditing or some
      16   type of service?
      17         A.   Yes, sir.
      18         Q.   So they are going to have a bill for that service
      19   in addition to the bill for the stay in the motel room; is
      20   that correct?
      21         A.   That's correct.
      22         Q.   So their account is billed under these
      23   circumstances?
      24         A.   It's a separate billing. The billing for the
      25   services they receive for training or auditing is separate


      1    from the hotel and the food.
      2          Q.   So, does food come with the room or is that
      3    another separate deal?
      4          A.   That's a separate -- that is totally up to the
      5    individual, how he wants to -- actually if he wants to eat
      6    in the restaurant in the hotel or if he wants to eat
      7    external.
      8          Q.   If somebody was coming for a Purification Rundown
      9    and/or Introspective Rundown or some type of procedural
      10   session, they would pay for that and pay for the room and
      11   pay for food, all separate bills?
      12         A.   Now when you say separate bills, they're itemized
      13   individually. The first thing that you said would go to
      14   the Flag Servicer. The food in the room would go to the
      15   estate organization, which is Flag Crew, which is what I'm
      16   employed by.
      17         Q.   Now, is there a regular housekeeping rotation
      18   that goes through the various sections of that building?
      19         A.   As far as specific individual assigned to a
      20   specific room?
      21         Q.   Un-huh.
      22         A.   Yes.
      23         Q.   Is there a schedule for those people to do that?
      24         A.   Yes.
      25         Q.   All right. So somewhere in the record keeping of


      1    the building there would be documentation of a specific
      2    maid that was in charge of cleaning the room during Lisa
      3    McPherson's stay, would that be possible?
      4          A.   As far as documentation, I'm not sure exactly
      5    what the documentation at that time would be, okay. There
      6    would have been someone definitly assigned.
      7          Q.   To clean the room?
      8          A.   To clean the room. There may be circumstances
      9    which I find from my position now, if I have a guest who I
      10   feel requires some special attention, rather than letting
      11   the housekeeper actually do that, I will do it myself,
      12   because the individual needs special attention. That
      13   documentation that that person was the only one that saw
      14   or handled that room might not necessarily be, you know.
      15         Q.   How many rooms are located in the Cabana Section
      16   of the hotel?
      17         A.   Currently there is 27.
      18         Q.   How many rooms total in that whole building are
      19   available for renting?
      20         A.   Currently, 158.
      21         Q.   How did you distinguish the rooms in the Cabana
      22   from the rooms in the rest of the hotel? Is there a
      23   difference?
      24         A.   Position in the building.
      25         Q.   That's it?


      1          A.   That's it.
      2          Q.   Some rooms aren't nicer than others or fixed up
      3    better than others?
      4          A.   The cabanas have a different motif and design.
      5    They are larger square-foot wise. They have larger
      6    bathrooms and vanity area, so they're considered to be a
      7    nicer room.
      8          Q.   Is there any televisions in any of the rooms in
      9    the hotel?
      10         A.   Yes.
      11         Q.   There is?
      12         A.   Yes, sir.
      13         Q.   But not the cabanas?
      14         A.   Did somebody tell you there weren't?
      15         Q.   There wasn't in the cabana.
      16         A.   They are not in every room. They are on request
      17   by the guest.
      18         Q.   Okay. So there are televisions in certain rooms
      19   in the Cabana section?
      20         A.   There are televisions available.
      21         Q.   What's your occupancy during the year in the
      22   hotel?
      23         A.   I don't know. That isn't anything I operate off
      24   of.
      25         Q.   Well, are the rooms full? Is the Cabana full?


      1          A.   It's a fluctuating thing. It's not a stable --
      2    were it's full everyday, all year long.
      3          Q.   When is your big season?
      4          A.   Christmas.
      5          Q.   Christmas is?
      6          A.   Christmas and March 13 when we have our event.
      7          Q.   What event is that?
      8          A.   LRH's birthday. L. Ron Hubbard's birthday.
      9    March 13, it's his birthday.
      10         Q.   Tell me about the food service in the building.
      11   How does that work?
      12         A.   I don't have any familiarity with the food
      13   service, sir. That is not in my area. That isn't
      14   anything I've actually did.
      15         Q.   Can you order room service from the room? Can
      16   you order food delivered to the room?
      17         A.   The high classrooms, the cabanas can order room
      18   service.
      19         Q.   How does that work? I pick up the phone and who
      20   do I call?
      21         A.   You call the Hibiscus Restaurant.
      22         Q.   That's not part of the hotel?
      23         A.   The Hibiscus Restaurant?
      24         Q.   Yeah.
      25         A.   Yes, sir.


      1          Q.   It's in the hotel?
      2          A.   It's in the hotel.
      3          Q.   And you say I want to order food to the room and
      4    somebody will bring it to you?
      5          A.   (Nods affirmatively)
      6          Q.   Your hotel bill is debited?
      7          A.   Yes, sir.
      8          Q.   What do you bill for the hotel room in the Cabana
      9    Section, do you know?
      10         A.   No.
      11         Q.   You don't know the answer?
      12         A.   I don't know the answer to that.
      13         Q.   If you know, how often are services actually
      14   performed within the Cabana Section of the hotel? You
      15   know what I mean by services, such as, some type of
      16   rundown or some type of church service. Are any of those
      17   actually performed in any of the rooms or is it done in
      18   another section?
      19         A.   They're done in another section. The auditor, and
      20   the parishioner, that's done in a different section of the
      21   hotel.
      22         Q.   What section is that?
      23         A.   It's done on the 3rd, 4th and 5th floor, which is
      24   HGC, Hubbard Guidance Center.
      25         Q.   That's where the auditing is done?


      1          A.   The rooms are set up for that.
      2          Q.   They're not set up for overnight. Are they set
      3    up just, for audit sessions?
      4          A.   Right.
      5          Q.   Where is the Purification Rundowns done?
      6          A.   On' the first floor behind the fitness center.
      7          Q.   That's where you have the steam or --
      8          A.   There is a sauna.
      9          Q.   Sauna. Have you ever heard of an Introspective
      10   Rundown being done in the Cabana Section of the church?
      11         A.   I haven't personally.  There are occasions where
      12   a guest, just because I think this is what your line of
      13   questioning is, there are occasions where a guest may
      14   request to receive auditing in their room. The room is
      15   not set up or sold or, you know, given with the view point
      16   that you're going to be coming to the cabanas and that's
      17   where you will receive your auditing. If there is a
      18   situation where the guest wants to be audited in the room,
      19   that does occur. I get the idea that that's what happened
      20   here. I don't know that. There are also --
      21         Q.   I don't know. I don't know the answer.
      22              MR. POLLI: I didn't tell her anything about
      23   it. I didn't want to poison her.
      24              THE WITNESS: Yes, that does happen.
      25   BY MR. MCGARRY:


      1          Q;   Okay. So how many people are on the staff
      2    actually cleaning rooms?
      3          A.   Currently there is 7.
      4          Q.   7 people?
      5          A.   In the Fort Harrison.
      6          Q.   That do the whole building?
      7          A.   Yes, sir.
      8          Q.   That's a big job, isn't it?
      9          A.   Yes, sir.
      10         Q.   And the cleaning of the room consists of what?
      11         A.   The cleaning of the room.
      12         Q.   Is that every day change sheets, wash them,
      13   interchange them?
      14         A.   It's not necessarily every day where you would
      15   get clean sheets. Definitely clean towels, the room gets
      16   totally vacuumed, dusted. The bathroom gets scrubbed.
      17   It's a clean room when you're finished.
      18         Q.   And you're saying there are occasions when that
      19   might not be done on a daily basis?
      20         A.   I don't understand.
      21         Q.   Well, I don't know if this was done in Lisa's
      22   room or not. The circumstances she was staying there
      23   might not have been --
      24         A.   I don't think I said that. The housekeeper's
      25   responsibility is to clean the room everyday. If for some


      1    reason the guest requests the room not be cleaned, I have
      2    had guests who come in and say just get me clean towels.
      3    I don't need my room cleaned.
      4          Q.   Well, I'll fill you in on some details and you
      5    tell me how it would have been done under these
      6    circumstances. My understanding is Lisa was there for 17
      7    days in the Cabana Section, and she had a watch set up
      8    where various members of the church were looking after her
      9    24 hours a day. She made a mess of the room on a regular
      10   basis. Who cleaned that up? Would that have been the
      11   people that were watching her or would that have been
      12   housekeeping?
      13         A.   I honestly don't know. It would be whatever the
      14   circumstances and the arrangements were at that time for
      15   that specific individual.
      16              MR. McGarry: What's the number of that
      17   room, fellows? Do you remember?
      18              MR. STROPE: 174.
      19              THE WITNESS: She was in the Cabana, street
      20   side, downstairs, first floor.
      21   BY MR. MCGARRY:
      22         Q.   What's the name of the room I'm looking for next
      23   door to that?
      24              MR. STROPE: Laundry, maintenance room?
      25              THE WITNESS: It was the housekeeper's maid


      1    station where she kept her towels and her
      2    cleaning supplies, 172.
      3    BY MR.MCGARRY:
      4          Q.   And that was right next to it?
      5          A.   Yes.
      6               MR. McGarry: I don't have any other
      7    questions. These fellows might have a couple
      8    that I missed.
      9               MR. STROPE: I just have one.
      10                       EXAMINATION
      11   BY MR. STROPE:
      12         Q.   Is there a schedule? How are we to find out who
      13   the  maid was for that room back in 1995? Is there a way
      14   to do that, do you know? Particularly who that maid would
      15   have been?
      16         A.   You can ask -- you can ask either Edit or Sidney.
      17         Q.   They would know. Could Mr. Polli get that answer
      18   for us?
      19         A.   I'm sure he could or the manager of the building,
      20   the CO Fort Harrison, Commanding Officer.
      21         Q.   They would know who that maid was back then in
      22   November of 1995, who was assigned to that specific room?
      23         A.   That's what I would believe, yeah.
      24         Q.   Somebody had to schedule it?
      25         A.   Absolutely. As I say, under the circumstances


      1    that you're stating, the housekeeper may not have been
      2    made responsible for that specific room. There might have
      3    been other arrangements made and she may not have cleaned
      4    the room.
      5          Q.   But the person who would have the schedule would
      6    know that, if there were special circumstances?
      7          A.   Yes.
      8          Q.   Right?
      9          A.   Yes. She would just be able to say, No, my
      10   housekeeper didn't do it because these were the
      11   circumstances that the guest was there under.
      12              MR. STROPE: I don't have any other
      13   questions.
      14                        EXAMINATION
      15   BY MR. ANDREWS:
      16         Q.   You're the executive in charge of this. Do you
      17   clean rooms on a regular basis?
      18         A.   Mostly I do. I don't have assigned rooms, but
      19   depending on the traffic, you know, how full we are, I do
      20   clean rooms.
      21         Q.   Now, as the executive, who do you answer to?
      22         A.   I answer to the executive housekeeper who's in
      23   charge of the cleaning of the entire building, which
      24   includes the lobby, the public areas.
      25         Q.   Now for your work. How many hours a day do you


      1      work?
      2          A.   10.
      3          Q.   10 hours a day?
      4          A.   Approximately.
      5          Q.   Okay. How many days a week?
      6          A.   7.
      7          Q.   How much do you get paid?
      8          A.   My allowance is $50.
      9          Q.   Per day, week?
      10         A.   Week.
      11         Q.   $50 a week. Now I assume that you get room and
      12   board at the Hacienda Gardens?
      13         A.   Room, board, uniforms, my expenses are minimal.
      14         Q.   Now, somebody who works for you, one of these
      15   other ladies who cleans the room, does she get that much
      16   money per week?
      17         A.   Yes.
      18         Q.   It's not real pay per responsibility type of
      19   thing?
      20         A.   No. It's not -- it's not pay, it's an allowance.
      21         Q.   Okay. Now, you don't get involved in any of the
      22   financial end of the rooms?
      23         A.   As far as the registration, getting money from
      24   the public, no, I don't.
      25         Q.   Apparently earlier you said that you kind of


      1    solicited people to come there and stay at the rooms
      2    through advertising or some type of thing?
      3          A.   The individuals working under me actually did
      4    that. I was the executive over that area.
      5          Q.   What I'm getting at is, someone who comes to the
      6    cabanas and stays, I understand the rooms are over $100 a
      7    day. I think the last billing I saw or during 1995 was
      8    $104 a day. Do you have people who stay any length of
      9.   time, I mean, wealthy customers? I guess I'll call them
      10   customers or parishioners, but wealthy customers who might
      11   stay a long time?
      12         A.   Yes.
      13         Q.   Have you seen their bills written off? And what
      14   I'm getting at is, my understanding is Lisa's bill went
      15   well over 5 or $6,000 for her stay there. And then, of
      16   course, the bill was written off by the church saying we
      17   don't want the money. It's okay. Have you seen that? Is
      18   that a general practice?
      19         A.   I've never heard of that before and I have not
      20   seen it myself.
      21         Q.   Now, you mentioned specific cycle. Are you
      22   familiar with Isolation Watch and Introspective Rundown?
      23   Are you familiar with that?
      24         A.   Only that it exists.
      25         Q.   Have you ever participated in one?


      1          A.   No, I have never participated in one.
      2          Q.   You sounded like when you talked that you might
      3    be someone who is very familiar with ethics?
      4          A.   Yes, sir.
      5          Q.   Can we assume that?
      6          A.   Yes.
      7          Q.   Can we go into that a little bit. Ethics is -- I
      8    know we asked for a definition, but would you give us kind
      9    of a layman's term of ethic?
      10         A.   It's actually the function that the individual
      11   does to increase his abilities and his production and his
      12   actual well-being. That's totally my own words.
      13         Q.   In talking to some of the other people, I got the
      14   impression that ethics was related to behavior. Can we
      15   say that?
      16         A.   Yes.
      17         Q.   Like at my house, my 2 daughters, whatever we as
      18   parents require them to do, is our ethics in our home and
      19   that's the behavior that's expect; is that something
      20   similar?
      21         A.   Yes, exactly.
      22         Q.   Now, have you ever had -- what I'm looking for
      23   is, if someone in the church -- and I've heard about
      24   ethics and withholds and all of those things. But someone
      25   in the church is creating a flap, creating quite a


      1    problem, whether it be one of the people who work for you,
      2    a maid or one of your people who worked for you, what is
      3    the church's policy on handling that person? How do they
      4    do that?
      5          A.   It's specifically an ethics policy and it's on an
      6    individual basis, based on what the individual is,
      7    whatever behavior that, you know, as you mentioned,
      8    whatever behavior that is being demonstrated that would be
      9    considered detrimental to that individual and also
      10   detrimental to the group as a whole. So there would be
      11   specific -- written, we have specific policy that says
      12   that if you do blah, you know, then you need do this to
      13   actually correct that.
      14         Q.   Okay. I guess in the outside society right now,
      15   if someone is -- if we are having a problem with someone
      16   with ethics and it goes on and on and on, we could say
      17   jail is a --
      18         A.   It's a gradient that you get.
      19         Q.   It's a gradient that you get.
      20         A.   Exactly.
      21         Q.   What does the church do with someone like this?
      22   Do they just kick them out?
      23         A.   No. They are definite gradients where there
      24   are -- if the individual fails to handle to correct
      25   himself or to apply the actual policies so that he can


      1    correct himself, then it becomes a group activity where
      2    one the gradients, I believe, is a Court of Ethics. I
      3    think you know that terminology, right?
      4          Q.   Right.
      5          A.   So that would be where he --
      6          Q.   Committee of Evidence?
      7          A.   No, no. Court of Ethics is gradient where he
      8    actually is assigned to one other individual and the other
      9    individual determines what he needs to do and then he does
      10   that, because he isn't actually making the decision
      11   himself to correct himself. Now he has someone that is
      12   making the decision for him, so that's another gradient
      13   and someone is making this individual get in ethics.
      14              And then as you said, Committee of Evidence is even
      15   further along the line of gradient.
      16         Q.   That, means something is going to happen, a
      17   decision will be made whether they did something wrong.
      18         A.   Right. Now we have a committee which consists of
      19   4 to 5 people. They review all the information and may
      20   get adjudication. And again, he is told he has to do
      21   blah, blah, blah or the next gradient will be taken.
      22         Q.   Does the church have anything similar to our
      23   solution in regular normal society of locking someone
      24   up? Does the church have a policy that says, We tried
      25   this and it didn't work and we tried this and you're


      1    continuing to be detrimental to the group, and your next
      2    punishment is that you're going to have to stay in this
      3    room and do some more studying like monks or things like
      4    that?
      5          A.   No.
      6          Q.   Then how do you explain an Isolation Watch? Can
      7    you explain that?
      8          A.   I don't have enough data on Introspection and I
      9    don't know enough about it.
      10         Q.   About Isolation?
      11         A.   I don't know enough about that.
      12         Q.   So as an ethics expert, Isolation would never be
      13   applied to an ethics problem?
      14         A.   I understand you're familiar with the Policy
      15   Ethics Review, which is one of the policies of church.
      16         Q.   Is that the one where they --
      17         A.   It has the different steps on it.
      18         Q.   I think I might be. I'm trying to.
      19         A.   That would be the application of ethics and there
      20   is nothing in that reference that says you would take a
      21   person and put them in a room.
      22         Q.   So, to your knowledge, there is no Isolation type
      23   of -- at least Isolation would not apply to ethics.
      24         A.   Not for the references in the policy and the
      25   training that I have had.


      1          Q.    Okay. Special attention customers, can you give
      2    us some examples of what kind of special attention
      3    customers you have had in the past?
      4          A.    In the cabanas, there are several rooms that are
      5    suites. They're actually 2 rooms that are combined and
      6    there is a kitchen and a living room/dining room type
      7    area. That would be the longer term guests. Somebody
      8    asked you about a longer term guest and that person would
      9    get special attention as far as he would get extra
      10   services. Extra services, being fruit basket, flowers,
      11   someone who could do the shopping if they wanted their
      12   shopping done.
      13         Q.   Do they pay for all of that?
      14         A.   It is a hotel service that's included with that
      15   type of room.
      16         Q.   Room, okay. So like if I went and stayed at a
      17   suite in a hotel, I would get fruit?
      18         A.   Yeah.
      19         Q.   You brought up fruit baskets. You would know
      20   this, since you are in charge of that. Is it normal to
      21   clean a room, say I'm in 175 or whatever and I check out
      22   today. You go in and clean. Is it normal practice to go
      23   in and clean that room and then leave fresh fruit and
      24   water and things like that for the next guest coming in?
      25         A.   No. Not until the room is booked and the guest


      1    is assigned.
      2          Q. If I was to go to the Cabana with you and we
      3    would look at a fresh room that was just cleaned, but
      4    there is no guest registered for that room, it would be
      5    just a motel room with nothing in it other than the soaps
      6    and towels?
      7          A.   Yes.
      8               MR. ANDREWS: I don't have anymore. Thank
      9    you.
      10              THE WITNESS: I have to clarify that because
      11   I don't want to say something incorrectly. This
      12   is a regular hotel room, like if you went into a
      13   regular cabana. If you were to go into one of
      14   the suites, you would find a fruit basket in
      15   there.
      16   BY MR. ANDREWS:
      17         Q.   Let me go back on the record. If we will go to
      18   174. Room 174, a regular room.
      19         A.   You would not find a fruit basket there.
      20              MR. ANDREWS: Thank you. That's it.
      21              MR. McGarry: That will conclude our
      22   interview. Thank you.
      23                   (END OF PROCEEDINGS)


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