Interview with Benetta Slaughter

Date:May 16, 1996


Today's date is 5/16/96. The time is now 1210 hours. This is going to be an interview with Benetta Slaughter concerning the Lisa McPherson investigation. present during the interview is myself (Det. Ron Sudler), Det. Margaret Jewett, Attorney Bob Johnson, and Benetta Slaughter.

Det. Sudler: Benetta, for the record, could you state your name, date of birth, and address please?
Slaughter: Yes. Benetta Slaughter, X/56...(clears throat)... pardon me. And it's x,.
Det. Sudler: Okay., And your date of birth is...?
Slaughter: X/56.
Det. Sudler: I'm sorry.
Slaughter: It's okay. I know you're shocked by how young I am.
Det. Sudler: I already got in trouble by one person. I asked their date of birth this morning... so...
Slaughter: Uh Huh. You know you're not supposed to ask women that.
Det. Sudler: Yeah...that's true...that's true. But I'm an equal of birth asker. I.. this is the first time that I've had an opportunity to talk to you about Lisa. I know that you might have talked to another detective in this case. And what we're doing know...a background investigation know...the know... before Lisa's death to try to answer some questions about her lifestyle, her health, etc. I understand, that've known Lisa for sometime. When did you first meet Lisa?
Slaughter: Oh...let's see...probably 84 or 85.
Det. Sudler: And where was that?
Slaughter: the church in Dallas.
Det. Sudler: In Dallas..
Slaughter: Uh Huh.
Det. Sudler: Okay. from that meeting, you just became

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friends and...?
Slaughter: Oh, over a period of time...Uh Huh.
Det. Sudler: Over a period of time...okay.
Slaughter: We can say that...yeah.
Det. Sudler: Airight. Umm...what...what brought.. I guess you moved here to Clearwater from Dallas for business?
Slaughter: I moved my business here. That's correct.
Det. Sudler: And what business is that?
Slaughter: I have a publishing company in the insurance industry.
Det. Sudler: Okay. And so at some point and time Lisa moved here with you?
Slaughter: Most of my employees moved with me.
Det. Sudler: Okay. So she worked with you in Dallas also...okay. So she just transferred here when you moved here.
Slaughter: That's right.
Det. Sudler: Okay. And you were Lisa's immediate supervisor or what...?
Slaughter: No. I run the company. I have 32 employees or 33 or...
Det. Sudler: Okay.
Slaughter: It grows rather rapidly on me..yes.
Det. Sudler: You're the boss. Okay. Umm...and who was Lisa's immediate supervisor?
Slaughter: Her immediate supervisor is Shirley.
Det. Sudler: Shirley. Okay. Umm...
Slaughter: That area is not real highly or closely supervised because they're all senior employees.
Det. Sudler: Okay.
Slaughter: So...
Det. Sudler: Alright. Now, how long had Lisa been employed with you at that part...I mean...the total period of time?

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Slaughter: Oh, I don't really remember.'ve got her .whatever was in my files..six or seven years. I...I don't really remember exactly.
Det. Sudler: But...but about six or seven years?
Slaughter: Yeah, somewhere in there.
Johnson: I think we gave the file over to Carolyn.
Det. Sudler: Her per...her personnel file?
Slaughter: Yeah.
Det. Sudler: To Carolyn...okay. It might be in this...
Slaughter: Yeah. I'm sorry..I can't remember. But it's probably years.
Det. Sudler: So how would you describe her as an employee?
Slaughter: What do you mean by would I describeï her?
Det. Sudler: Well...
Slaughter: What are you looking for?
Det. Sudler: Was know...hard working...conscientious...
Slaughter: Oh sure.
Det. Sudler: Was she tardy all the know?
Slaughter: No. Oh no... she...
Det. Sudler: General employee.
Slaughter: Yeah.
Det. Sudler: A boss of 32 know who's good and who's know...who's a...who's a pain...
Slaughter: Do you really think so?
Det. Sudler: Well, if you've got good supervisors. INAUDIBLE
Slaughter: Uh Huh...very...very good.
Det. Sudler: But know...was she a top producer? Was know...goal oriented...' you know?
Slaughter: Absolutely.
Det. Sudler: Okay. .
Slaughter: Most sales people are if they make a living at it.

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Det. Sudler: Okay. Did you have any problems with know... as far know...unexcused absences or know...with know...personal life or anything where she wouldn't show up for work know... take time off unexpectedly or anything like that?
Slaughter: Well, are you speaking of her entire career or...?
Det. Sudler: Yes.
Slaughter:, not until last year. She did have some problems last year beginning in I guess about March or April.
Det. Sudler: And what were those problems?
Slaughter: She was having personal know. I can't speak a lot for them. I don't know a lot about what was bothering her except that she was having boyfriend problems...or actually fiance problems. But they were not getting along. They were trying to buy a house, which is a very stressful venture anyway if you've ever bought a house...and going through all that. So...and then they were on again, off again kinda thing. So...
Det. Sudler: Did she talk to you one on one about this?
Slaughter: Oh, she has men...she mentioned it a couple of times... sure. But I didn't spend a lot of time with her on
Det. Sudler: Okay. So it was basically that she was having some stress in a relationship with her boyfriend over purchasing property.
Slaughter: Well, I can't tell you if it was over purchasing the property. I just know that was going on.
Det. Sudler: But there was stress. Okay. Umm...did that relationship end?
Slaughter: Uh Huh.
Det. Sudler: On a good note?

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Slaughter: Umm..I really couldn't speak for that. I believe so.
Det. Sudler: Airight. Umm...did she give any indications that she was extremely distraught know... this additional pressure or... or the problems of this relationship?
Slaughter: Well, I don't know how you can ever break off a potential marital situation and not be upset by it.
Det. Sudler: Did it affect her work?
Slaughter: Yeah, her sales were down for sure.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Umm...was that brought to her attention?
Slaughter: Sure.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Did know...some people can. .can explain things know...confidential... "Look, I'm having some know...and I know that I've been down..." And some people can take it heart and know... "God, now I've got my boss on me". I mean...was she one of those persons to internalize stuff?
Slaughter: I...I wouldn't. I don't know. I.. I didn't particular notice know. Sales people go through peaks and valleys throughout their know. So she's had...I mean that's been her career. She's come in and out of sales, etc., so...
Det. Sudler: Okay.
Slaughter: I really couldn't tell you about internalized... you know.
Det. Sudler: So this was...but her drop in production wasn't anything that you would call catastrophic?
Slaughter: No., I mean... it definitely was down. She did subsequently take a leave of absence for a period of time. know...they were definitely down.
Det. Sudler: How...what time are we talking about? How long ago

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was that?
Slaughter: Umm... July.
Det. Sudler: In July?
Slaughter: Uh Huh.
Det. Sudler: Okay. She took a leave of absence in July?
Slaughter: Uh Huh.
Det. Sudler: For how long?
Slaughter: Oh, I guess about a month.
Det. Sudler: Do you know what she did?
Slaughter: No, not particularly. I didn't talk to her a lot during that...that period of and on. I know that she...she took some time off and presumably did whatever you do when you take time off and got herself back together.
Det. Sudler: Okay.'ve been know... by others as being a close friend of hers.
Slaughter: It's true.
Det. Sudler: More than just employee/employer relationship. Umm...If... it would... it would seem logical that, if you had an employee friend who took a month off, know...they might elaborate more on what they did. I know I would be concerned
Slaughter: Well...
Det. Sudler: If my friends know...up and left work for a month, we'd all know. is everything' okay with them.
Slaughter: Why sure.
Det. Sudler: Did know...elaborate on that to you?
Slaughter: No. But you also have, to understand that I have a family...I have a very large company. Lisa was not exactly the type that stayed like in really close contact even with her own know. She

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just didn't have that kind of relationship with people. know...she did call me occasionally when she was gone to tell me she was either doing better or things were about the same. know .I don't really get into her personal life a lot. And in terms of, those know...that's not .it's not what I consider a know. It''s not what I consider a friendship.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Well, understandably we're looking for factors in her life know...brought her know the weeks before her death...and... and whether or not those factors had any bearing on...on her death. So if there's anything know...that.. that you can tell us or anyone that you can point us to that could know...freely associative with us and talk to us about her personal problems or relationships...what was eating her and bothering her... you the know...that...that...that she had to take a month off from work...or whatever you can tell us. That's what we kinda need to know.
Slaughter: Well, let me...okay...but let me ask you this.
Det. Sudler: Okay.
Slaughter: What was the cause of her death?
Det. Sudler: I don't know. The Medical Examiner is gonna determine that based on our investigation. If we had an 80 year old person with a history of heart disease, it would be easy for them. and to talk to their physician and say "I've been treating this patient know... 40 years and it's occlusive coronary artery disease". We've got what...we have know...a 36 year old healthy female here that has a traffic accident and two weeks later she's dead. So there's questions that they want concerning her background....

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Slaughter: Right.
Det. Sudler: She has no doctors that we know of here that can substantiate if she had any health problems or whatever. She was a normally healthy person. know...that's going to raise the attention of...of any investigator...
Slaughter: Sure.
Det. Sudler: Before they sign off on an autopsy report. So that's what they've asked us to do as in any death investigation.
Slaughter: Sure.
Det. Sudler: To do a thorough investigation. And by doing that, we have to unfortunately talk to bosses about personal problems and whatever factors in her life... if she was bulimic and throwing up in the bathroom or had any eating disorders...anything like that...that's what we're trying to narrow down here.
Slaughter: Sure.
Det. Sudler: And...and we have to go home to do that.
Slaughter: No...I understand.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Alright.
Slaughter: But I'm also not in a great position to help you on that. And you have to understand know...I have a large building.'..a lot of employees. Yes, Lisa and I were friends but I might only see her two or three minutes a day on some days or not at all.
Det. Sudler: How many employees do you have that take a month off leave of absence?
Slaughter: Not very many.
Det. Sudler: Okay. So...
Slaughter: But at the same time that doesn't mean that I actually knew what all was going on with her. during

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that period of time. That's what I mean.
Det. Sudler: But it would safe to assume that she had something in her life that was...
Slaughter: Absolutely.
Det. Sudler: Big enough to take a month off.
Slaughter: Sure.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Umm...during that period of time, did she have any fluctuations in weight loss or weight gain or anything like that?
Slaughter: I don't know. Again, I didn't see her a lot during that particular period of time. So she was actually more ummm...she wasn't really know. She was doing what she was doing that she felt she needed to do to get her emotional life back together.
Det. Jewett: Did she come to you personally and ask for the leave?
Slaughter: Uh Huh.
Det. Jewett: What did she tell you?
Slaughter: That she was gonna take a leave of absence for a period of time...youknow..and just get her life back together.,
Det. Jewett: Did you ask why?
Slaughter: No. I mean...I knew that she'd been having the trouble concentrating and the emotional problems and it's relatively know.
Det. Sudler: When did...when did her relationship end? You know?
Slaughter: No, I can't really remember. Sometime in the spring. I know that but I can't really remember for sure.
Det. Sudler: So it was was before...
Slaughter: Uh Huh..
Det. Sudler: So it would be logical if she had a bad breakup that this would be following that?
Slaughter: Right...right.
Det. Sudler: Okay.

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Det. Jewett: Did he work for you also?
Slaughter: No.
Det. Jewett: Did you meet him?
Slaughter: Oh sure.
Det. Jewett: What was his name?
Slaughter: Kurt.
Det. Jewett: What was his last name?
Slaughter: You know...I don't remember. I know that's stupid but I couldn't remember Lisa's mother's last name for sometime and didn't realize it was the same either. But I don't remember his last name.
Det. Jewett: Where does he live?
Slaughter: Can't answer that.
Det. Jewett: Do you know what he did?
Slaughter: Umm...yes. He was in import/export I think of like food products or something...olives or something like that.
Det. Sudler: You mentioned that mentioned that Lisa had problems concentrating at work. Is that why her productivity went down?
Slaughter: I think so. You know... it does take a lot of concentration to actually be able to talk to clients and...
Det. Sudler: Was this noticed by anybody else?
Slaughter: I don't know...I...I couldn't really....
Det. Sudler: other workers approached you or anything like that?
Slaughter: No. We...we do keep statistics of like sales tracking things. So.. I mean...that's pretty obvious when sales are down. But no...
Det. Sudler: Okay.
Slaughter: You know, the sales terms of know... her sales are off this week or whatever. But

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in terms of coming to me and like having a conversation of you know "She's doing this or she's having this problem"
Det. Sudler: Was...was Lisa approached about know... drop in productivity?
Slaughter: Oh know. It's like in terms know... you have to make a certain amount of phone calls and things like that. So from that viewpoint...yeah.
Det. Sudler: So there's a goal...there's a...
Slaughter: Oh.. absolutely.
Det. Sudler: A monthly goal or whatever...quarterly...that she has to meet and she wasn't meeting those...okay. Was this suggested to her to take off time or this was her own...?
Slaughter: No. As far as I'm concerned, it's know... get sales back up.
Det. Sudler: Okay.
Slaughter: If that's possible.
Det. Sudler: Was this a vacation leave...paid..
Slaughter: , Well, sales people are on straight commission.
Det. Sudler: Okay.
Slaughter: So what they sell they get paid for. So...
Det. Sudler: Okay. Did she accrue any vacation time or anything' like that or sick time?'
Slaughter: Well, the sales people don't really have like a paid vacation. They can take vacation when they want to take vacation.
Det. Sudler: Airight. So this was something know... she'd have to know...bear the brunt of it. It wasn't anything like...
Slaughter: Well, their sales continue.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Even when...
Slaughter: We have publications, so it's like sold. It may be

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45 days before the publication goes or anything else. The income doesn't stop.
Det. Sudler: Okay. I see.
Slaughter: We have contracts and things like that.
Det. Sudler: So she was gone for... for one month?
Slaughter: Approximately. I don't remember the exact dates but...
Det. Sudler: And this was somewhere in July of 95?
Slaughter: Uh Huh.
Det. Sudler: So let's say she returned in August sometime, okay. When she returned to work, did you notice any change in her attitude or her...?
Slaughter: Well, she seemed know. I...I don't know that she...yeah...I mean...she seemed better for sure.
Det. Sudler: , How were her stats at the time?
Slaughter: Well, I wouldn't say that she ever actually fully got back into the swing of it.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Can you elaborate on that more?
Slaughter: Well, her sales certainly didn't come back to where they know. There was...that...I mean they just didn't. I did not observe that she fully got back into the swing of it know... like really got rolling again.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Umm...did...did it continue to decline or did it remain the same?
Slaughter: Now what do you mean by that...continue to decline?
Det. Sudler: Well, it was at a period where...
Slaughter: I mean...she was not there and then...
Det. Sudler: It was going down before she left, okay.
Slaughter: Oh, I see what you're saying.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Did it...did it...?
Slaughter: Well, you have to understand by that, time that you sort of start know...because again you've

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gone through that 30 or 45 day gap. So it just never really got..
Det. Sudler: Never really picked up after that. Did she ever explain that?
Slaughter: mean.. it was just a thing of getting back into it I think was pretty much the expression of it... so...
Det. Sudler: What would happen to an employee who consistently didn't meet goals or produce?
Slaughter: Eventually...depending upon the tenure of the employee would determine the period of...eventually. I couldn't keep them obviously.
Det. Sudler: Was Lisa approaching that?
Slaughter: Probably.
Det. Sudler: Okay.
Slaughter: I probably...probably would have not been necessarily immediate but I couldn't have held off know.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Did...did...was she aware of that?
Slaughter: You're asking me to suppose something.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Well..either through official channels...I wasn't passed down...she wasn't put on notice by her immediate supervisor...?
Slaughter: No. But if you like look at statistics...
Det. Sudler: Uh Huh.
Slaughter: You know that here's what you do for a living... here's the know...
Det. Sudler: You would have to have two avenues to go down as an' owner of a company I take to go directly to her know...with suggestions to improve productivity... or go directly to her as an employer/friend to kinda go outside the chain so to speak. Was any of that done?

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Slaughter: Umm...I had a conversation with her at one point about her sales and getting back into it and just making her phone calls and making sure know...organized her data base if you will...her client data base, etc., to get back in it...sure.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Did she give you any indication that she would improve or did she..'.
Slaughter: Uh Huh..
Det. Sudler: Did she...she did?
Slaughter: Oh sure.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Did she say that her personal problems were I guess alleviated or...or improving?
Slaughter: I don't really remember them coming up actually.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Umm...because she was not producing, were there any financial factors in her life that would've caused even more stress on her? Was she...?
Slaughter: Well, you know. On straight commission you're paid for what you produce. There's no question about that, so...
Det. Sudler: Did she say she was having problems making car payments or house payments...or rent or anything like that?
Slaughter: No.
Det. Sudler: So you weren't aware of any physical impact other than of the obvious that she's not producing...she's not making much money.
Slaughter: Right.
Det. Sudler: Okay. around August I guess up through .you know... the rest of the year... she still remained at low productivity?
Slaughter: Uh Huh.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Umm...did she tell you that she had' sought counseling know...advice from anybody about her problem?

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Slaughter: She...I know she was receiving some pastoral counseling.
Det. Sudler: From the church?
Slaughter: Yeah.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Was that received well.. I her?
Slaughter: Seemed to be.
Det. Sudler: Was it improving...I mean...was know... holding her own?
Slaughter: Well know...I mean... she stated that things were better or things were about the same She didn't discuss it in any lengths at all.
Det. Sudler: Do you know who was giving her that type of help or anything?
Slaughter: I don't really.'
Det. Sudler: Would that be anything that we could find out?
Slaughter: I have no idea.
Det. Sudler: Do you know who...who her counselor was? Johnson:' Back in the summer of that time?
Det. Sudler: Yeah.
Johnson: No.
Det. Sudler: Because we'd like to... you know... we'd like to find that out'...I may know... whether you could disclose it...but something in her life that was really bothering her know.
Slaughter: No, I...
Det. Sudler: That we'd like to find out about.'
Slaughter: Right. I would doubt that' any sort of priest or pastor is gonna be able to discuss that anyway.
Det. Sudler: Well, that's true, know...rnaybe there's a' know...priest/parishioner type privilege there. know...her right to privacy is not an issue right now... you know... at that point.

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Slaughter: Well, I,suppose that's a matter of belief.
Det. Sudler: Yeah. So there wasn't anything know.. I...that she was talking about with this individual know...that you know if there was anything that was actually helping her know... that she had seen counseling. But did you notice that there was improvement from that or...?
Slaughter: Sure.
Det. Sudler: There was? ,
Slaughter: Sure.
Det. Sudler: Okay. But you have no idea who this is?
Slaughter: I mean she did come back. She was ready to like go back to work, etc., and make an attempt at things and get back into the swing of things. But you asked me if her productivity came up and the answer is no, not really. She did not really fully get back into the swing of things that I observed.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Umm...was there any...did she have any health problems associated with this? A lot of times stress know...can cause health problems. Did she have any periods of sick time or times she called in sick through this?
Slaughter: During the July thing?
Det. Sudler: Yeah. Well...
Slaughter: Well she wasn't there.
Det. Sudler: July through the time of her death...did she...
Slaughter: Not that I can recall. I don't think so.
Det. Sudler: Okay. She didn't seem sickly to you or have the flu or...?
Slaughter: After she came back? No, not that I can recall.
Det. Sudler: Okay. physically she didn't have any changes that you noted?
Slaughter: No, not that I can recall. Now, you have to understand

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in the Fall I started on a major charity drive for the Red Cross and for St. Vincent DePaul. And so I was like working around the clock between the office and the house and this major charity drive. So I have to tell you I wasn't around a lot during the Fall.
Det. Sudler: Okay.
Slaughter: So...I mean...I was's like a major drive. So I was a bit...a bit off of the beaten path at that
Det. Sudler: Okay. Umm...I guess know...up to the time of her accident that she had... can you tell me how you first heard about that?,
Slaughter: Umm...yeah. I was coming down...what's the name of that street...that street whatever it is...and I saw her car and a policeman was parked behind it. So I pulled over and said "Do you know where the girl who has the car is?" At first I looked in the car and she wasn't in there. So I asked him if he knew where the girl who was in the car was. And he asked me ïif I was Benetta, which kinda' surprised me and like "How do you ,know who I am?" So he said he had tried' to call me. I go "Where is Lisa?" and that's when he told me that she had gone to the hospital.
Det. Sudler: Okay.
Slaughter: So that's how I heard about it.
Det. Sudler: The officer tried to call you?
Slaughter: Uh Huh. Lisatold him to call me to come get her car.
Det. Sudler: Okay.
Slaughter: Or, to have her car towed or something...
Det. Sudler: And this was at the accident scene?
Slaughter: Uh Huh.
Det. Sudler: Was it on Ft. Harrison? Is that familiar?

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Slaughter: No no...I know Ft. Harrison. It's the one that goes down to Indian Rocks. I forgot the name of it. Wherever the' accident was.
Det. Sudler: Belleview?
Slaughter: Yeah.
Det. Sudler: went were driving down there and you saw Lisa's car?
Slaughter: I saw her truck...yeah.
Det. Sudler: Did the officer leave a message on the answering machine or anything like that or...?
Slaughter: No. He talked to somebody at my house.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Who?
Slaughter: My 11 year old.
Det. Sudler: Your 11 year old?
Slaughter: ,Uh Huh.
Det. Sudler: Okay. So you found Lisa's accident by accident?
Slaughter: Yeah, and it shocked me when I walked up and he asked ,me if I was Benetta. I was like how could he know who I am. So... and...but then he explained to me that she had given him my name and number and asked him to call me to handle her car because it was parked right there.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Umm...what happened after that? Did you see Lisa there?
Slaughter: No. She was...he told me...I asked him where she was and he said she had gone to the hospital. And I said "Why?". And he goes "Well, it wasn't because of the accident". I said,"So why did she go?" And he said "Because she asked to go". And I said "Oh, okay". So then he said it was because...I said "Well, why would she ask to go if she didn't...if it wasn't because of the accident...what do you mean?" And he said "Well, because she..." No, he said... I'm sorry' he said "She went because she took off her clothes

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and ran down the middle of the street". And I said "I see...okay".
Det. Sudler: What did' you think about that?
Slaughter: Well,, I don't know. I thought okay...well fine...this is a little odd know...I didn't really know what to think she basically had told him to call me but then he's telling me this. So I'm thinking. I don't know what to know.
Det. Sudler: Uh Huh.
Slaughter: So it doesn'tf it to me particularly.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Umm...did you...was anybody with you at that time?
Slaughter: Uh Uh.
Det. Sudler: You were alone?
Slaughter: Uh Huh.
Det. Sudler: Did you go to the hospital to see Lisa?
Slaughter: , No. I was covered in paint from head to foot because I'd been working at...on the props for this particular charity drive I was doing. know...I mean,..I looked awful. I had paint all over me and frankly hospitals are not my thing. So no, I didn't.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Umm...did...did you call anybody to go to the hospital for Lisa or anything like that?
Slaughter: Uh Huh...yeah.
Det. Sudler: Who?
Slaughter: Jeannie Decuyper. "
Det. Sudler: Okay.
Slaughter: But you're familiar with that.
Det. Sudler: But what's...what's your relationship to her?
Slaughter: She has done... I've known her for sometime. She's done chiropractic adjustments for me and done some

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nutritional...what do you call it... counseling therapy...whatever. You know how they prescribe vitamins or whatever.
Det. Sudler: Okay. And you called her. Did you know that she knew Lisa obviously?
Slaughter: Sure.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Umm...and what did you tell her?
Slaughter: I asked her if she would go and see what was happening because I didn't know what was going on. And umm... I felt like somebody should go and check it out. And I was dirty and it wasn't really within what I knew what to do know. Medical matters are not particularly my area of expertise, so I asked her if she would go.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Then what happened after that?
Slaughter: With what...with me? I went home.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Did you hear anything about Lisa?
Slaughter: Yes, because I asked my husband, since he was dressed appropriately, just to go wait in the lobby and see if anything was needed... insurance...whatever. And umm. .so he came home and told me that she was released from the hospital.
Det. Sudler: And where did she go after that?
Slaughter: She went to the Ft. Harrison.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Do you know why?
Slaughter: Well, I can't speak for I would presume because she would want to have rest and... you know... have the ability to have attention if she wanted itor whatever...would be the same reason she did before if she was having emotional problems.,
Det. Sudler: Okay. ,Did you receive any phone calls from Lisa to that effect?
Slaughter: No.

Page 21

Det. Sudler: Okay. Umm...Do you know how long her stay was at the Ft. Harrison?
Slaughter: Well, I presume from the time she went till she died. But it's a presumption.
Det. Sudler: Did...was there any question about her returning to work or anything like that or obtaining authorized leave of absence during this period of time?
Slaughter: Well, again understand that, given the circumstances .you know... I was certainly willing for her to have leave. And when you say a question about her returning to work, what do you mean by that exactly? Like was she gonna come back or what?
Det. Sudler: Well, for example...if she's involved in a traffic accident and she takes her clothes off and walks down the street naked...goes to the hospital and walks out of the hospital and doesn't return to work for two weeks.. I would want to notify my employer.. usually it's a phone call from a friend or family. We've got a situation here...
Slaughter: Right.
Det. Sudler: She's gonna be taking time off. Was that the scenario or anything like that?
Slaughter: But I already knew what was happening.
Det. Sudler: Okay.
Slaughter: So why would I need that.
Det. Sudler: You just assumed that...that that's what ...and that was fine.
Slaughter: Sure. ,
Det. Sudler: And there wasn't followup to that...that...that...
Slaughter: No.
Det. Sudler: How long she would be away from work or that wasn't an issue...whatever she needed was okay...alright... Umm...did anybody have any , you know if

Page 22

anybody had any contact while she was over there concerning her work or return to work?
Slaughter: No.
Det. Sudler: What about her progress or condition or anything... you know...
Slaughter: Yeah, I did check once to see if everything was coming along okay or whatever...
Det. Sudler: When was that?
Slaughter: Umm.. I I don't know. Again...maybe after a week or so. I can't really remember because by that point I was into construction on the site. And this was mean you're talking a $100,000 know. This is not a small project. So to be very frank with you, that period of time is a little fuzzy just from that viewpoint.
Det. Sudler: Okay.
Slaughter: So I can't...I can't really recall.
Det. Sudler: Airight.
Det. Jewett: Who did you talk to when you called to check on her?
Slaughter: Umm...Judy. And I don't know Judy's last name.
Det. Jewett: What did she say?
Slaughter: She said things were coming along and she was doing better and that was about it.
Det. Jewett: Did Judy tell you what kind of treatment she was getting to help know.... just counseling or any medication or what was wrong or anything like that?
Slaughter: No, but I didn't ask either. So...I mea'n...
Det. Jewett: Did you ask to speak to her?
Slaughter: Uh Uh. No. You a situation like that... to me it would seem rest and relaxation and quiet is the thing know...a person would want if they' know...distressed or whatever. At least

Page 23

that's the way I am. so...
Det. Sudler: So you didn't tell her that... SIDE TWO OF TAPE
Det. Sudler: A continuation on side two with the interview with Benetta Slaughter. talked to Judy and Judy said that she was doing... that Lisa was doing better. Umm...was there any... did Judy tell you about any expected return?
Slaughter: No, but...
Det. Sudler: Did she tell you how long she would be?
Slaughter: No, I didn't really ask either though.
Det. Sudler: Airight. Do you know umm...did...did Lisa ask for know...personal or... you know... items while she was there?
Slaughter: , No, she did not ask me for that.
Det. Sudler: Do you know if she asked Gloria or anybody?
Slaughter: Not to my knowledge.
Det. Sudler: Would these items be know...supplied to her or did know... get her extra clothes or anything like this for this period of time?
Slaughter: I don't know, but...I mean...she had her keys to her apartment and everything, shouldn't have been a problem.
Det. Sudler: But from what I understand, she never returned home.
Slaughter: Okay.
Det. Sudler: , Did somebody go and get her clothing?
Slaughter: Don't know.
Det. Sudler: know...basic essentials? Don't have any idea?
Slaughter: I don't really know on that.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Alright. You understand the significance

Page 24 know...we can' know...we'd like to show she had an accident and she was taken care of... okay.
Slaughter: Sure.
Det. Sudler: She went there wearing what she. was wearing, which was nothing at the time...what they know...that she took off in the street. And nobody's been able to tell know...that somebody went to her house and got' know...her makeup...her hairbrush and know...
Slaughter: I understand that, but I do know she had them.
Det. Sudler: Okay...alright. We need to find out how. You understand?
Slaughter: No. Why?
Det. Sudler: Because, if she's involved in an accident and goes to the hospital...goes away for two weeks know...that's the period of time we'd like to find out what she did, how she was know...
Slaughter: Did she call for these items? Was she okay enough to do that? Did somebody see her and bring them to her? That's stuff is important to us so we know how she was.
Det. Sudler: You know...there were know...processes that went on in her body... okay... that developed during the two week period of time...okay... that would have I guess presented themselves medically to somebody that if she was vomiting... fever...nauseous...things of that nature. We need to find out anything ,that we can. And you, being her friend
Slaughter: But I wasn't there is the point.
Det. Sudler: I know..

Page 25

Slaughter: But you've talked to the people that were there, right?
Det. Sudler: I have no idea who was there.
Slaughter: Alright. I'll check.
Det. Sudler: Okay. So that's why we' know..we're talking to you...
Slaughter: I gotcha...
Det. Sudler: Because we know who you are.
Slaughter: I gotcha...I gotcha...okay...I gotcha.
Det. Sudler: And that's what we're trying to fill in there.
Slaughter: Right.
Det. Jewett: And you said you knew she had these things.
Slaughter: That's right.
Det. Jewett: We're trying to find out how. How'd she get them?
Slaughter: I gotcha. Okay, I can't answer you... I'm sorry... I don't know.
Det. Sudler: Okay.
Slaughter: I do know that she had her things, but...
Det. Jewett: How do you know that?
Slaughter: Because I collected them myself after she passed away.
Det. Sudler: From her room there?
Slaughter: Yeah.
Det. Sudler: What...what was, in her room?
Slaughter: Well, actually, I didn't go and collect the things from the room. The hotel gave them to me in her suitcases.
Det. Sudler: Okay. How many suitcases did she have?
Slaughter: Umm...she had...what do you call the square ones... and then a duff...a carpet bag. And they had her things in them.,
Det. Sudler: Like what?
Slaughter: Like her her contacts...

Page 26

like her brush... her hairdryer...her shampoo.
Det. Sudler: Okay.
Slaughter: - - Those things.
Det. Sudler: So she had a couple bags that were packed with all of the...
Slaughter: Yeah, her underwear...her jeans...her shorts...her tee shirts...her pajamas...those kind of things.
Det. Sudler: And...but you don't know who packed those for her?
Slaughter: No.,
Det. Jewett: Who gave them to you?
Slaughter: You know...I can't recall. Umm...I can't recall... maybe Bob...Bob
Johnson: Brian Anderson?
Slaughter: . Brian...right. But I'm not really certain.
Det. Jewett: What does he do?
Johnson: He's the Vice President.
Det. Sudler: Office Of Special Affairs?
Johnson: I think that's what his title is.
Slaughter: But I can't recall for'sure. I think maybe Brian.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Umm...
Johnson: How much longer do we have Ron?
Det. Sudler: .Probably not too much longer. you received a call from this individual...okay...Brian you believe...about the personal effects. And they were given to you and then where were they taken?
Slaughter: I took them to her apartment.
Det. Sudler: Okay. And left them there. And then who got them after that?
Slaughter: Her mother.
Det. Sudler: When she came after the death?
Slaughter: Yeah...yeah.
Det. Sudler: Okay. the period of time that she was at the Ft. Harrison, you didn't have any

Page 27

contact with her directly?
Slaughter: I hardly saw my family during that period of time.
Det. Sudler: Okay. So the only one you talked to was this Judy person and she gave you an update on the condition?
Slaughter: That's right. She's the only one I called.
Det. Sudler: And that was about a week after the accident. You called her or she called you?
Slaughter: No, I called her.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Umm...her residence or is she a staff member at the church?
Slaughter: Ask me one more time.
Det. Sudler: , At the...did you call Judy at her residence?
Slaughter: Oh no, I called her the staff...yeah.
Det. Sudler: At the church...okay. Umm...and her name is Judy?
Slaughter: Uh Huh.
Det. Sudler: Do you know her last name? Do you know what her title is over there?
Slaughter: No, I'm not positive. I know she's in the Office Of Special Affairs but...
Det. Sudler: Okay. And the purpose of your phone call was just to see how Lisa was doing?
Slaughter: That's right. know...there were her bills coming up and I wanted to take care of them if necessary or
Det. Sudler: Okay. Did you...I guess...did you take care of her affairs for her while she was there?
Slaughter: Uh Huh.
Det. Sudler: Paid the bills for her...alright. Did anybody call you and tell you at the know... the days before her death...that she was ill or...
Slaughter: Uh Uh.
Det. Sudler: Nothing like that? Okay. you know of anybody over there that would oversee anything...

Page 28

you know... if somebody on a cruise there's a ship know. Would there be anybody that would know... looking after her know... is it like if you check into the Holiday know... that we could find.we've found people dead at the Holiday know...that...
Slaughter: The hotel...
Det. Sudler: Yeah...exactly. So it's the same type of thing.
Slaughter: There's maids but...
Det. Sudler: The maids would know she was feeling or whatever?
Slaughter: know.. I can't answer that.
Det. Sudler: Okay.
Slaughter: But I wasn't know...I's a regular hotel.
Det. Sudler: So that would be...but that would be probably a person that would've had day to day ,contact with her most likely... is the know... normally' changing the sheets and bringing linens and stuff like that.
Slaughter: Uh Huh.
Det. Sudler: Okay. When did you first find out that she had died?
Slaughter: Debbie Cook called me and told me...had me come down and told, me. She told me in person. She was very - kind about it.
Det. Sudler: Okay. You went down to the church?
Slaughter: Uh Huh.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Umm...what did she tell you?
Slaughter: That...umm...Lisa had passed away..that she had umm...been taken to the hospital but they couldn't help her.
Det. Sudler: Umm...did they speculate or anything on the cause of death?

Page 29

Slaughter: She didn't really have any information. She said know...obviously they were waiting on information and that we'd just have to wait and see like what happened. And I know...I didn't know what to do except
Det. Sudler: Did you talk to anybody else about it?
Slaughter: My husband. He was with me.
Det. Sudler: Alright. Did you go up to the hospital where she was at?
Slaughter: No.
Det. Sudler: Umm...okay. So when would have been the last time that you would've talked to Lisa?
Slaughter: Umm... the day she had her accident.
Det. Sudler: How was she then?
Slaughter: Well, she'd... she'd not slept a lot the night before know...they'd been at an insurance convention. So she was tired know... actually I tried to get her to go home and take a.nap earlier but she's not...she was not much for napping, so...
Det. Sudler: She returned from that convention on Friday?
Slaughter: Friday.
Det. Sudler: Friday. And she got back to the office the afternoon or...?
Slaughter: They...they didn't come into the office on that day?
Det. Sudler: Oh...not at all..okay. She..she just called you and said she was back in town?
Slaughter: No, I called' her.
Det. Sudler: At her home?
Slaughter: No, she was in the car. I wanted her to paint so...
Det. Sudler: Oh.
Slaughter: I had ulterior motives.

Page 30

Det. Sudler: Okay. Umm...did...was she able to do that.. I mean... did she...
Slaughter: Sure.
Det. Sudler: okay.
Slaughter: Yeah, she helped me paint posts.
Det. Sudler: Alright.
Slaughter: And then she went home and took a nap.
Det. Sudler: That was...what time of day was that Friday?
Slaughter: Mid afternoon.
Det. Sudler: Mid afternoon.
Slaughter: Are you talking about painting?
Det. Sudler: Yeah.
Slaughter: Oh no...we painted most of the day.
Det. Sudler: Most of the day.
Det. Jewett: What did she wear? Do you remember?
Slaughter: A tee shirt and sweat pants I think.
Det. Jewett: Did you notice...
Slaughter: Shorts..
Det. Jewett: Anything remarkable about her...I mean...anything that looked odd about her skin appearance or any.any marks...bruising...anything like that on her?
Slaughter: No.
Det. Jewett: Did she complain about anything?
Slaughter: Uh Uh.
Det. Sudler: She didn't have any injuries or anything like that did ,she?
Slaughter: Uh uh.
Det. Sudler: Nothing that she...hurt herself at work or complained about anything?
Slaughter: No, not that she told me.
Det. Jewett: Was she your nanny too? Was it you that said she took care of your baby... the girl who was in here before you...did she take care of...

Page 31

Johnson: No, not Lisa. She was referring to somebody else I believe. I was a little bit confused as to what was said by Gloria in the beginning...I don't know...
Det. Jewett: Yeah. And I thought maybe she said she'had watched personal nanny for you?
Slaughter: No, not mine. My daughter is almost 12 now, so...
Det. Jewett: Uh Huh.
Slaughter: She's...she's not a watchable person anymore.
Det. Jewett: Not a little one?
Slaughter: She gets insulted if you suggest that.
Det. Jewett: Did she have a purse or anything with her when you got her belongings?
Slaughter: When I got her belongings?
Det. Jewett: From 210. You said you got her clothing and belongings.
Johnson: Where Brian gave you the stuff.
Slaughter: Yeah, her purse was in.there.
Det. Jewett: It was?
Slaughter: Uh Huh.
Det. Jewett: Did you go through it at all or...?
Slaughter: No, not until Fannie was there.
Det. Jewett: Fannie is her...?
Slaughter: Mother. Yeah, because we were. .we wanted.. I didn't know where her earrings were,'so I went through it for...and her earrings were in there. So that was it...
Det. Jewett: Did she have any money that you saw or...?
Slaughter: I wasn't really looking.
Det. Sudler: Hmm..
Det. Jewett: What kind of money did she make working for you? Did she make a substantial amount? In other know...
Slaughter: Yeah, ,she did real well.

Page 32

Det. Jewett: In looking, was anything missing out of her belongings or anything like that? know... should she have had cash on her... did she do financially?
Slaughter: She did airight. She did real well.
Det. Jewett: When you're the owner of a company, what's airight with you is a lot different than what's alright with me. What..what would you say basically her earnings would be when she worked for you? $50,000.. $60,0000...?
Johnson: What did she make in 1995?
Slaughter: She made about $80,000. She wasn't on salary. She made about $80,000 in 95.
Det. Sudler: Any openings? (LAUGHS)
Slaughter: Can you sell? (LAUGHS)
Det. Jewett: , Did she ever complain to you about having financial problems or anybody taking money from know...
Slaughter: No.
Det. Jewett: Was she extravagant with her
Slaughter: Well, she was...
Det. Jewett: Would anybody have tried to take anything from her or do any harm to her that you can think of?
Slaughter: No, I don't think so. You know...extravagant... I...I don't know what that means know.
Det. Jewett: Did she have a lot of things? Did she have a lot of jewelry?
Slaughter: No. That really wasn't of particular interest to her. She wasn't really into clothes and stuff know...she was...she also didn't...I mean...she owned her car... know... she spent her money I's nice...
Det. Sudler: The day that you all were did Lisa seem that know... that Friday?
Slaughter: Tired.
Det. Sudler: Tired?

Page 33

Slaughter: Yeah. know...kinda spacy from tired type of thing..
Det. Sudler: Was she talkative or was she withdrawn or anything?
Slaughter: Umm...
Det. Sudler: Did she seem unusually upset?
Slaughter: No.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Do you know if she had any psychiatric problems?
Slaughter: No.
Det. Sudler: Don't know? You don't know if she saw a psychiatrist or psychologist or was prescribed any medication for...?
Slaughter: No. know...first of all...religiously we don't believe in drugs or psychiatric treatment anyway.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Alright.
Slaughter: So I... it would be...I mean.. I can only answer that on supposition but I can't imagine that she would have.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Alright. she wouldn't have like a bi-polar condition that required medication or something like that that you were aware of?
Slaughter: I don't even know,what bi-polar is.
Det. Sudler: Okay. Airight.
Slaughter: In scientific terms I have no clue what it means...
Det. Sudler: Okay. So as'far as you know she wasn't on any kind of medication or anything like that...okay. Umm... did she know.. I guess unusually distraught that day...the day'of the accident?'
Slaughter: No.
Det. Sudler: know...when you found out that she took off her clothes and walked down th'e street,

Page 34

that was just probably totally out of the blue to you.. I mean...there wasn't anything that you could say was leading up to know? That's a yes...?
Slaughter: No, that's a...that's,correct.
Det. Sudler: So it would've been just a total surprise. Okay.
Det. Jewett: What do you think...I mean...have you got anything to offer that we didn't ask? I'mean...we're really trying to find out what happened and what might have led...
Slaughter: Well, I think bodies are frail know. I've had a lot of family that have died from heart failure know...cancer...that was a surprise. Bodies are frail know. So I don't know what else to know.
Det. Sudler: But you don't know of anything...any factors in her know? She didn',t injure herself or fall know...was she...was she...what about drugs or anything... alcohol? Did she have a drinking problem an alcohol problem?
Slaughter: Not that I know of.
Det. Sudler: Okay.
Slaughter: You know. But I don't think she'd tell me anyway. I'm...I do not drink. I don't believe in drinking. I don't believe in know. So if somebody did, I don't.. I think I'd be the last person they'd tell unless they know...just... De't. Sudler: But you never saw her at social functions abusing alcohol,?
Slaughter: Absolutely not. I don't go to social functions much anyway and I certainly am not gonna go to ones where there's alcohol, so...
Det. Sudler: Okay. Alright. Det. Jewett?
Det. Jewett: No.

Page 35

Det. Sudler: Okay Benetta. I can't think of anything else. Mr. Johnson?
Johnson: That's it.
Det. Sudler: Okay. I'm gonna go ahead and end the interview. The time is 1:05 p.m.

REPORTING: Det. Ron Sudler/elg ID NO: 608 DATE: 5/16/96 STATUS: Active EXCEPTION TYPE: _______ DATE CLEARED:____________ RANCE TYPE ______ , 1. Extradition Declined rrest 2. AR of Prim. Offense, Secondary Offense. w/o Pros, T~dult __Juv _____ 3. Death of Offender. 5. Prosecution Deci xceptional 4. V/w Refused to Cooperate 6. Juv./No Custody nfounded REVIEWING:____________________ DATE:__________ SA INFO: ___________